Sunday, 19 August 2007

Our Shopping Trip

Sunday evening 9pm another weekend almost over. Managed to persuade my little cherub to go on a shopping trip yesterday. It wasn't too bad. We headed off at 7.30am for a 2 and a half hour bus journey. Armed with magazines, water, sarnies and chocolate, we were all prepared. bought a few things there and had a chance to get a blether. I did try and hurry her past Greg's for her usual "chicken Pasty" in the shopping centre, telling her I needed to get a seat and a cup of tea, After a whole load of moaning about it being Lunch time and how we'd been walking round for hours, I agreed on the nearest place round the next corner for sheer peace! I regretted that decison as soon as we walked through the door.

It was so posh. I though "oh no, I can't really afford this!"  We were soon met with a size zero stunning little thing who was really nice, hmmm. We were offered the choice of the window seat or the booth. I opted for the booth. After being handed the menu's, (the size of dinner tray's,) I took one look and wanted to bolt. "Are you ready to order your drinks? or would you like a few more minutes?" god she was fast! I opted for the few more minutes so I could check my purse. I didn't want to spoil our "girly" day out so after initially asking her if she wanted to do a runner and being told "No mum, It's nice here", Size zero's pressure and my guilt helped me decide to stay.

The tea was lovely, as was her amazing choccy milkshake, which I was allowed one sip off! Our  macaroni cheese was bubbling away in their little tiny dishes, obviously created for barbie and her pals. Garlic bread to share and a sprinkling of parmesan brought the bill to a staggering £21! Why did I refuse that chicken pasty? That will teach me. the food was nice don't get me wrong I just couldv'e done with a whole lot more and a whole lot cheaper! The only truly memorable part of the whole day was my little lamb going bright purple as she laughed so much at erm.... me! I had belted up the stairs and rushed through the top door to the Loo where she had gone already, except I never saw the sign on the door which read: Mind The Step!

I swear I flew.The toilet door opened and there she stood doubled up laughing, asking if I was okay stumbling half way down the hall. Hmmm that wasn't a step It was a hill in disguise. Glad it humoured her for the rest of the day. Missed the bus home by 5 mins and had to wait in a bus shelter for an hour! Treated myself to a blonde hair dye for a change. Got home at teatime,dyed hair and put on fake tan, wish I hadn't though as after half an hour I resembled a cross between an  Alsation and David Dickinson.

Went food shopping today wearing a hat. Tried to shake off other half in hair dye aisle, Too late. "Don't even think about it" were the growly words from behind me. Well this time I had no choice! I couldn't go to work looking like that. So I now have Black hair! lol. Luckily it didn't all fall out! My blonde day's are now officially over. Sleep Well. xx 


shauntanner said...

So blondes do NOT have more fun ..!!


jimandsheilar said...

now that I can read your blog life has become worthwhile again and I am laughing

fizzylolly said...

oh my god you are so funny!! can't wait to read the rest of your blogs :)