Saturday, 13 February 2010

Hospital Hell

Hello Everyone. I hope you are all well. I want to say a Massive Thank You to My Fav other man.... Morton for updating people on my situation. Thank you for my lovely messages of support. I got home on Friday 5th of Feb and have been so pleased to away from the hospital. I totally sympathise with you Mort and feel very angry towards our so called "care".
I phoned at 7am as requested on the sheet to make sure there was a bed for me as I was so far away. This was not my local hospital and I was asked to to this check on the day I was due to go in. The woman told me to come to a specific ward and I would be given my bed. There was a wee hiccup with travel arrangements and Mr Man and I had to get the bus, which was a little stressful but okay.

We arrived for 11am as requested and the nurse asked us to go in to the dayroom, which was an extremely small room with hardly any seats, a T.V., and a sprinkle of books and wait. Another nurse came in and took my name and date of birth and said she too would be back in 5 mins with information about where I was to go. I waited and waited and was becoming very anxious as Mr man had to be making a move to get back home for our daughter and the weather was playing havoc. More snow!! We were given a cuppa and a sandwich after somebody asked from the room! At 2.15pm I was asked to go Into a room to be admitted! I had my blood pressure taken and was given water whilst a slightly panicked nurse kept repeating how high It was! Not helping my situation.

I was then asked to go back and wait in the room until a bed was available as there weren't any! I sadly kissed goodbye to my man and was left alone In a tiny room freaking out about the impending op. At 3.45 I was told I would be put In a room 2 floors down In a hostel which was still In the hospital, just miles away along a gigantic corridor, but that I wouldn't be able to contact any nurses etc as there wasnt any there!! I was given the wards phone number and told to put It In my mobile phone and call If there were any problems.
I don't think on looking back I was believing what was happening. I just had to do what they said.

I was shown the room and told to go to the dayroom In there and speak to the people at night as they would be nice! I was then taken back up the stairs to the dayroom! and left once again. A doctor came and on what shouldve been a routine exam, took an age as his pager kept going off and i was left time and time again. He apologised.
I was taken back to the dayroom and at 6.30pm I asked for something to eat. I was given lukewarm soup and a sandwich and chopped peaches. I was then told to go to my room. I had 2 heavy bags and my coat and I had to carry them myself. I got In the room at 6.50pm. I cried my eyes out.

I was told to be back in the "dayroom" for 7.30am and I was left there until just before 10am when I was told I now had a bed on the ward as the Anaesthitist had advised on me having a pre-med as I was so stressed! That was the beginning of one of the worst times of my life. I don't want to say too much more as I will be putting In a complaint. I was told I would have a wee nic on the side of my neck and when the dressing was removed I had a 2 & 3/4" slice round my throat with 7 staples In.

I am grateful to the surgeon and those who helped me but as for the rest. I am disgusted. I still have not recieved the Information booklet you are supposed to get when first going In. The people In the room downstairs were lovely but I felt so out of place as they all had Cancer and I felt I was In no position to complain at all. I have not been told how my op went! I have not been told why It took 4 hours Instead of 2! To anyone going In to hospital, I am sorry, I don't mean to scare anyone but please use this advice. Be outspoken. Demand answers. Don't be Ignored and left. I appreciate they are busy but where on earth Is the care? I am just starting to get my head clearer from It all and have almost managed to stop the tears when telling the story. We have to be In these places to get treated, so please, please don't treat us as just a number. We are very real. Take Care Back Soon. Love Pam.xx