Monday, 28 January 2008

Purdie and Oscar

I decided to give Purdie and Oscar a bit of the limelight since G-Cat had a page all to himself! lol. Here are my Babies.


Purdie came to us luckily through a phonecall to the local cattery when I was looking for a kitten. The lady told me there were no kittens ready to be rehomed at that time but a beautiful small cat was looking for a new home, as she had become destructive ripping carpets and scratching at doors because she hated being home by  herself. Her owner was rehoming her as she lived in private accommodation.

I popped over to see her in her own home and dropped to my knees on the carpet when i saw her. I fell in love with her instantly. After several hours I took her home! It took a lot of time and gentle persuasion for her to come out from behind the couch and trust us but eventually we got there. I made it a house rule to always leave the doors open and she never once scratched.

Purdie was rather posh when we first got her and would look down on everyone even turning her back to us and raising her head! Very funny to watch. She will be 9yrs old soon and is doing well for her breed, she is ballinese. I am sure whoever named her "Purdie" did so because of the sheer volume of her purr! It transpired that this home was to be her 3rd! and it will be most definately her last.

Oscar was chosen at the cattery several weeks later when Purdie had settled in, as this was to be company for her aswell as a promised pet for my wee treasure. Oscar in fact chose us .He stared at my wee one and she was really taken with this and decided he was the one.
He was certainly a character asa baby, swiping everything from any surface in front of his paws! My fags and lighter was a favourite at that time. He grew into a medium sized tom but never showed aggression at all. he actually acted gay and everybody commented that he "minced" instead of strutting, but I didn't care if he was gay or straight. He was my boy. The funny thing is, he is more "manly" now he has been neutered! Strange boy! lol

Purdie and Oscar are a team and get on like a brother and sister. I would be lost without them.

Take Care, Back Soon. xx

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Progress At Last!

Hello. Thank You so much for all your kind comments. It feels like such a long time since I have been here. I will do my best to pop round everyone and catch up. I am getting there slowly but surely. Had some test results back, The best one, ruling out anything sinister which is amazing. I have lost a good bit of weight due to the water tablets I am on, making every day life so much easier.

I had to giggle when my doctor phoned me at teatime on Friday to give me my results of yet another test, when I was on the bus!!! I got some odd looks. He is still very concerned that my thyroid is not behaving and thinks this could be what's causing my bad boy liver to be so swollen. I've to go back in 2 weeks for more blood tests and to up my dose again!! If it doesn't sort it, I will get more advanced tests and be referred to a specialist.  

I'm not worried anymore. I've accepted that, what will be, will be and that's that. There are far too many people worse of than me. Now enough of the doom and gloom, lol, onto a more shocking, sweeping statement, I hope you are all seated for this......I went to Rosebud's birthday party last night (Happy Birthday Rosebud) and never touched a drop of alcohol!!!!. lol. I have a mental picture of everybody reading this, reaching for a chair! lol.

Nobody has told me that I have to avoid it, but I have followed my gut instinct since all this happened and I haven't touched a drop.  What an eye opener last night watching everybody!!! I didn't realise so many people swayed as much while under the influence. I found myself doing it with them! 

I was a bit like a fish out of water for a while and so many people tried to persuade me to have just "one" but I stood my ground. I want my health back more than anything. I don't want to see another pineapple, lemonade and ice for a while though! lol.

I loved the feeling of getting up this morning and not having a hangover! No booze? No ciggies? At this rate, I will be packing my case to head off to visit the Sister's Of St Francis!! lol. Take Care, Back Soon. xx 

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Life Is A Rollercoaster

Today has been the quietest birthday I've ever had. Got a lovely big chocolate cake and some nice goodies and cards which were really appreciated.

On the down side, I've just not been able to enjoy it. It's been a rather awful week.  I went back to the doc's and got more tests done yesterday. Weight has ballooned to a scary degree. I told the doc that I have thrown the towel in, given up, can't take it any more. I explained I was struggling to breathe let alone walk! Not me at all. This bad boy liver of mine needs beaten with a stick! lol. I have to laugh cos my emotions are all  over the place and I cry constantly for no reason.            

The doc was good. There had been a problem with my thyroid still being way too underactive, so he has upped the dose. He is a good man and I think he understood that I was at the end of my tether. To have gone up 4 and a half stone was a shock in itself, It's just so desperately uncomfortable!

I was given more tablets to take, making that a total of 4 a day from now on! Hmmm. On a positive note I was receiving a couple of birthday calls earlier when one turned out to be a lady from the hospital!!! and I am booked in for this coming Tuesday


Funny to be having a cup of cocoa to celebrate my day with!! lol.and of course another slice of cake! lol. Sorry for being a wee whingy pants but I thought I should "update". I have enjoyed going round the journals leaving comments and will continue to do so, even If I don't post. I will probably look for something funny to put on again until things start getting better. I hope you are all having a great weekend so far.

Take Care Back Soon  xx                                                                      



Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Sisters Of St Francis

This made me smile earlier! I have altered some of the words so as not to offend anyone, It's safe to read now! lol.

> >>     A man is driving along a highway when he sees a sign:

> >>     10 MILES

> >>     He thinks it must have been a figment of his imagination and drives on
> >>     without a second thought. . . but soon he sees another sign, which
> >>     says:

> >>     5 MILES

> >>     Suddenly, he begins to realize that these signs are for real.  Then
> >>     he drives past a third sign saying:

> >>     NEXT RIGHT

> >>     His curiosity gets the best of him and he pulls into the drive.  On
> >>     the side of the parking lot is a stone building with a small sign next to
             the door, reading:


> >>     He climbs the steps and rings the bell.  The door is answered by a
             nun in a  long black habit who asks,
> >>     "What may we do for you, my son?"  He answers, "I saw your signs
             along the highway, and was interested in possibly doing business . . . "
> >>     "Very well my son. Please follow me."
             He is led through many winding passages and is soon quite
             disoriented. The nun stops at a closed door and tells the man,
 > >>     Please knock on this door . . . "

> >>     He does as he is told and another nun in a long habit, holding a tin cup,
             answers the door.  This nun instructs, "Please place $100 in the cup, then go
             through the large wooden door at the end of this hallway . . . "

> >>     He gets $100 out of his wallet and places it in the second nun's cup
            . . . he trots eagerly down the hall and slips through the door, pulling it
            shut behind him . .

> >>     As the door locks behind him, he finds himself back in the parking lot,
> >>     facing another small sign:

> >>     GO IN PEACE .

A Wee Worry Update!

Hello all you lovely people. As always, my mood lifted after reading all your comments.  Thank You so much. I have had mixed feelings about today. Went to the doc's this morning and got this "bad boy" checked out. Never got the answers I was looking for. Tried to persuade him to give me a wee liquid solution to desolve it, then I'd be on my way!! lol.

He just laughed then quietly explained  the "bad boy" was in fact the end of my liver! Hmmm. I have to get tests done at the hospital. He has put through an urgent request so hopefully It will be quick.

I was a bit wobbly and teary and extremely sore after he had finished so I let work know that I had to go home to bed and that's exactly what I did. Got all cosied up under the covers and slept for hours! I did totally freak out and had hoped for a different result, but hey, what will be will be and it must've turned out this way  for a reason.

Since these tests might not be for a week or two yet, I am going to carry on as normal with my fav journal. Hopefully finding something a lot happier to talk about! lol  ;-) Take Care, Back Soon. xx


Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A Wee Worry!

This will probably be one of my shortest entries and which just so happens to be the one week I wanted to have a good giggle reminising about the past. Unfortunately, I have to focus entirely on the present, as I am not very well. I am a bit shell shocked as I have found a lump on my side that doesn't belong there. It has no free entry pass and is neither on my side's guest list! lol.

I will be getting it examined tomorrow as it is causing me a lot of discomfort. I have all sorts of scenarios running theough my mind and had an extremely sleepless night last night, so for the time being, I will bid you all a fond goodnight and hope and pray that all will work out well. Take Care Back Soon. Love Pam xx

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Chuffed To Bits!

I checked my emails for any new comments yesterday and was completely stunned to read that i had been chosen as the Guest Editor's Choice. I just sat smiling and bubbling! lol. A big thank you to Lori for choosing me. You can find her at: : and for the other choices you can find them at:

I was invited to my friends house yesterday for a meal, some wine and a sing song. What a fabulous time i had. Thanks L-A. You are a star. I had her homemade chicken curry which as always was astounding. The table was full with Garlic bread, popadoms, naan bread, and countless other goodies. It was Mr Man's birthday last week and mine next week so this was our treat. We then got presented with a huge birthday cake and blew out the candles together! Good job as there were loads! lol.

I was so pleased that we came home at 9pm sober, so i did what i do best, got over excited and poured a wee glass to celebrate, then another and yes! In true "me" style, I woke this morning to the feeling that riverdance was being performed across my pillow! Hmmm. One day I will learn! lol. I went to the shop and bought a paper and rolls and made a cooked breakfast for us all. Now as you can see from "D"'s fabulous picture, she has caught me in a superb light! lol  

I have taken it easy today and was pleased to be watching the new Dancing On Ice programme which has started again. Once it has finished, I will be retiring to bed. I hope you all have a good week.

Thank You to everyone who has left a comment. I am utterly thrilled and grateful.You are all pretty wonderful people ;-) Take Care, Back Soon. xxx

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Settling In.

                                                 Photo Shoot #124




Hello everybody, I decided to take a few pics of our new addition to the family and enter the above one in the "Close Up" Photo Shoot, (If I can figure out what to do! lol) as he seems to be settling in a bit more now. He seems to like the Remote Control! and camera! Hmm! lol.

We have come to an understanding at last, that he goes out to play and meets up with his street pals at night and I call on him just after 6am in the morning and he comes running back in for breakfast and a good long sleep. My wee treasure has said she doesn't want to change his name as it would be cruel, so the name Ginger Cat stays or to me, (G-Cat) lol.


                          Take Care. Back Soon. xx

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Feeling Good

   Had a great lie-in this morning. G-Cat asked to leave the premises at 1am! lol. I heard him being let back in at 8am, so I turned over and nodded back off til 10.30!  Wow. Not done that in ages must have needed it. I had a cuppa then set to work dismantling the tree which by rough calculation had a minimum of four thousand decorations on it! My nephew arrived and cut my wee treasures hair. He is an exceptionally good Hairdresser. What a lovely job he made of it.

He is so talented and kind. He offered to cut mine aswell. I jumped at the chance seeing as i still resemble an African Bushwoman! lol He gave me a Graduated Bob. It took years of me. A whole lot shorter but so much better. I decided I would make a real effort with my appearance and pluck my eyebrows too. Trying my hardest to make them both even!! I just hope the redness goes away for the morning!  and that was with using loads of cream aswell! maybe should've done them a while ago! lol.  

Then into a bath to finish off. I was exhausted when i was done! Lol. Pampering is hard work! 

  I made a wonderful Roast Chicken dinner with all the trimmings earlier today, so I  popped into the livingroom a wee while ago with a chicken sandwich for Mr man. He was checking the lotto ticket and went pale, as he got the first 3 numbers in a row! lol. He should've kept going! lol. We are Totally chuffed to win £10 though.

 Getting closer to making my millions! lol.                             

                                                      Take Care Back Soon.


Saturday, 5 January 2008

Boy Trouble! lol


Thanks "D" for the pic.It describes my house so well at the moment! lol

I had a giggle reading the first line of some of my entries! I didn't have a clue what i was doing back in August when i started so i didn't have the dates for some. Maybe just aswell! lol. What with the rude chicken alarm and confessions of having too much wine then actually going out dancing! Hard to believe that was me! lol.

I have had a fairly quiet day today. Went shopping this morning, cooked lunch and dinner and kept on top of the dishes. Not in the mood for much tonight as I'm exhausted. Mr Ginger Cat is to blame.

I think he is having a laugh. Ever since we discovered he is a boy, he has been really misbehaving! Hmmm. He now wakes me up in the early hours, by launching himself on the windowsill and climbing behind the curtain and blinds!. I get up and let him out then when I get back into bed and i'm just drifting off, he launches himself at the front door like a springer spaniel and cries really loud to get back in!

I have tried everything to stop this, I even taped up the curtains, removed the blinds, kept him awake longer during the day, fussed over him more, locked him out the room as a final resort but he cried and scraped to get back in! lol Nothing stops him. My other half is at the end of his tether too. Funny how he didn't do this at all until we started calling him "son" and "wee man" etc!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm convinced this is him when we aren't looking! lol 


Take Care. Back Soon. xx

Friday, 4 January 2008

Heavy Snow

 Woke up this morning at 5am. The room was a lot brighter than usual, Peeked through the blinds and recoiled at the blanket of snow. Wow. looked amazing, but how on earth was I going to get to work? Not another bus nitemare journey! Arghhhh! lol  Nope. Thankfully. After a while I got a message along with the rest of the town, not to go anywhere unless the journey was absolutley necessary. The local news on the radio was full of Lorry's at a standstill, roads closed and buses being cancelled! The last bit made me say "phew"! out loud as I made my toast and tea.

I decided that I would tidy up, then make a pot of homemade soup. I put the fire on, woke my wee treasure then I had breakfast gripped by the latest weather news. Even though I was off, I was still concerned for other people who had to be out there. Snow Is beautiful to look at and play in but for me, personally, I don't like travelling in it. No thanks. It's far too scary for me.

Changed the bedding and did 3 loads of washing. There was enough there to frighten the french! lol. I did something I haven't done for so long, I went for a lie down at 1pm until 3.30pm and I felt so much better for it. I felt guilty for not being at work but this was the second day in a row when these decisions were taken out of my hands. I played a game with my wee treasure and we had a laugh which was nice then I found myself lost on here adding pics to my profile and I have thoroughly enjoyed It. As I fast approach the 1000 mark on the counter, I'm loving J-Land so much. Take Care. Back Soon. xx

Team Spirit

Had an absolute nitemare journey home from work last night. We had been told there was a severe weather warning in place stating there would be a heavy snowfall. Yes! they were correct! lol. I left work and headed round to the bus stop and waited and waited for over an hour on the bus but even though I could no longer feel my feet, I was so grateful to be going home. I had heard that my town had been brought to a standstill with the traffic lights jammed on red and black Ice and huge tailbacks.

In the bus shelter I spoke to a young girl who had been waiting there an hour before me, poor wee soul. Another girl arrived and an older man who was an ex bus driver started putting us at ease saying there had to be at least one more bus still to arrive. there were very few tyre tracks on the road and enormous snowflakes almost blinding me. We all kept each other going and I reassured the younger girl not to panic as I had earlier won some cash on a scratch card that would cover a chippy! lol, she laughed but was so cold.

I felt part of a group as we all stuck together in the eerie silence looking out at the empty streets. I was secretly scared and very cold but I couldn't change It, so I had to just stay calm and wait. Three buses appeared all going the other way. I thought the wee girl was going to cry so I offered to persuade the next bus to change the name to our destination and pay the ex bus driver to take over! My heart skipped a beat when our bus finally showed. Our spirits lifted.

I did everything but kiss the driver. We were all sighing relief when my happiness was short lived, he decided to take off like a rocket, bearing in mind, we were on black Ice and couldn't see the road properly for the snow, he kept that up all the way home!. The ex bus driver who was sitting in front of me was lost for words also. I hid my eyes on several of the roads and over a bridge. Thankfully we arrived safely although I'm quite sure how. I bid farewell to the wee team and tried several taxi numbers before being successful. I arrived home at 7.40pm and got dried off, jammies on, something to eat then went to bed. Hope I never experience that again. Any wonder I need hair dye? lol. xx 

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year


That's the first picture I have added to one of my stories lol! I am going to try and brighten up my pages from now on. Well folks, 2008 eh? I wonder what joys will bestow us this year! As long as we have our health, then that's the main thing, Family, including my 3 little darling cats are of course a very close second.

We all spent an amazing night last night doing our own individual thing in the run up to midnight. My other half was chatting away online, My wee treasure was watching dvd's in her room and I was singing my wee heart out to the singstar discs in the livingroom. Fot those of you who don't know what singstar is, It's basically karaoke with the object of the game being to earn the highest score and name, thus being "singstar"which I happily achieved a few times! lol

My wee treasure and I had made up some lovely party food and set it all out in the kitchen in case we had visitors. We also got tucked in! lol. I paced myself with alcohol, sticking only to bacardi and loads of diet coke.

My eldest Sister, Nephew and Niece arrived around 10ish and we all had a great time singing, while my other half entertained us on the guitar, which I must say, was extremely impressive! We all gathered in a circle and joined hands at 12 for a heart warming rendition of Auld lang Syne. It was one of the best night's in a long time.

Today has been quiet, The dinner is cooking in the oven and the table will be set shortly, Only really two things to do now. One is to wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year and the second is to find a new name for Ginger cat! It was mentioned last night that "she" looked far too big to be a girl! I laughed as I insisted she was definately a girl until I said "Okay, I will double check" and G.Cat is now my little boy! lol.

I did wonder why my other male cat called Oscar was always being chased! and my wee girl Purdie was less than impressed! I just thought madam was trying to be the boss! Well "Madam" is now " Monsieur" and if anyone has any suggestions for a "wee boy's" name then please feel free to share! lol. Take Care. Back Soon. xx