Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Shep Pie!

Tuesday night, all wrapped up like a fish supper listening to James Blunt, now normally I would probably be howling my eyes out thinking of all the sad occassions that have been, but not tonight! I'm feeling good. What a fabulous new album. Well done James. Keep that up and you may get an invite to one of my Sunday Roast Dinner's young man! lol  Mmmm just had a wee bowl of choccy ice- cream with mandarins, yum!

My little treasure is sitting on the bed next to me reading a Trinny and Susannah book, won't be long before I hear "Mum" "You can't go out like that"! and by the yells coming from the livingroom, a goal has been scored. The cats are chillin in front of the fire and there is a real chrismassy feel floating about tonight. These are the nights I love the most.

Michael Buble is serenading me now. Mmmm he can come for Sunday Dinner too! lol. I had one of those cringeworthy laugh out loud moments on the bus coming back from work earlier this evening. After being informed we were having Shepherd's Pie for dinner, I was getting rather overexcited, the closer I was getting to home.

I sent a last  text asking for my Shep Pie to be popped in the micro. the reply? "Don't tell John Noakes then! he be awfy upset." Bad man!. It tasted absolutely amazing. Not a tail or ear in sight! lol. Oh that's naughty! 

Time to go to bed now, the new alarm clock goes off at 6.45am, It's a bit better than the chicken.....  It's my little treasure saying quietly "Mum" "Time to get up!" I've learnt that It's a good Idea to actually get up on the 1st call though, as she gets louder! lol. Nite nite, sleep well, back soon. xx   

Saturday, 24 November 2007


Im finding it almost impossible to get parked in front of this screen and do what I love doing best. It's been such a long time since I wrote anything. I'm actually rather cross with myself. I must put aside time to whinge and blabber on to all your good selves at least once a week! lol. Now let me see where on earth do I begin now to tell you about all the latest changes? Hmmm. I will simplify: It seems like many moons ago that I went to London ever since I've been back everything seems to have gone downhill.

I haven't been happy or settled in fact life has been a bit of a struggle. Glad it feels like I'm gaining control now and doing my best to sort out a lot of stuff. My weight still refuses to do what I say! lol This underactive thyroid nonsense is driving me nuts! one of the side effects is "flushing"! Hmmm. flushing indeed! yeah right! more like scorching!

Two or Three times a day my face feels like a furnace on the Inside and  I keep checking the mirror to make sure I don't resemble Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! My amazingly, wonderful, thoughtful, and sensitive, man suggested it may be, "The Menopause"!!! Hmmm. amazingly enough, he is still in one piece! 

Tonight is Saturday and I'm sober! I watched a very funny movie called White Chicks and it gave me the nudge I needed to get back on here again. It felt great to be laughing out loud. Totally exhausted myself though and need to sleep! lol. nite nite, sleep well. I will be back real soon. xx