Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Strange But True!

Hello everyone. It's been a very strange day Indeed! Apologies for not getting round the journal's to comment, but I will do my best to catch up over the weekend.Today, I got a call at work from Mister Man, who assured me he was fine, but had, had a little accident! I froze as he went on to say he had just crashed his bike and thought his arm was broken. I don't know who got the bigger fright! He was heading off to the local hospital to get It checked out so all I could do was wait.

He called back to say that he had broken his elbow! Ouch! Poor soul. As the story unfolded It was like watching one of those Strange But True programmes. You see, Mister Man had just got his new bike and this was the first day out on It. He had made a flask of coffee and planned his route. He was turning a corner and the bike front wheel skidded on some oil and he, and the bike fell. He got up as fast as he could and dragged the bike to the side.

The strange part Is truly unbelievable! My sis Rosebud and her man had decided there and then, to go to the exact location mister man had gone to, and as they drove, they saw the visor from the bike, two headlight covers and a mobile phone lying In the road. Rosebud's man stopped the car and picked up the Items, thinking he recognized them and on opening the mobile phone saw a picture of mister man smiling sitting on his bike.!!

Of course, they got the fright of their lives and looked everywhere for him, phoning all the numbers In his phone being careful not to alarm anyone. They even rang me at work and just asked If he was away on the bike somewhere today. I said yes I thought that's what he was doing and they hurried off the line! I thought It was odd but never got the chance to question It. They tried the hospital and my home, spending about 2 hours looking for him.

Meanwhile, Mister man had sat down In a quiet part of the country road, to have a cup of coffee as his arm was so sore and he had got a big fright. He eventually got back on the bike and headed for my parents house struggling with the clutch. He walked the last part of the way and was stunned  to walk Into the drive, and up to the car, where my parents, Rosebud and her man were standing, He had said that he had just crashed and they told him they knew!

Luckily he Is In one piece. This could have been so much worse and for that, we are so thankful. We see It as some kind of warning and realise we have been let off lightly. It really does go to show, that we never really do know, what's round the corner!.
Take Care. Back Soon. xx

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Weekly Sentence #4

Click here to play:  Weekly Sentence 

  Each Saturday She will give you a set of six letters.  A sentence
    must be made from these letters.  The letters today are: TPIWIS.
    An example of a sentence could be -
The proud Indian waits in silence. 
  These letters MAY NOT be re-arranged.

Here Is Mine:
The Prince's Innappropriate Winking Infuriated Servants

Guest Editor's Pick's

Hello everybody. What can I say? Wow! What an honour to have been asked to be the Guest Editor this week. If you pop on over to the Magic Smoke, you can see my choices. There were so many to choose from, I struggled. I could, of course get used to a life of writing! lol so, for all you publisher's out there....."Hello" I am right here. lol. I only wish I could've picked double that amount, which of course, I will save for the next time I am chosen!!! ...... lol..

On a serious note, every Tuesday, when I pop over to see Lisa, I always get to meet a new cat from her fabulous Tuesday Tails where she tells us a little about one of her cats, every Tuesday, and boy, does that make my day. If I am ever lucky enough, to be able to afford my own cattery, then Lisa would be the first person, that I would go to for advice. You do so much for those cats Lisa, I hold you In such high esteem.

Well, It's been quite a week!!, after waddling around like some kind of duck, I popped Into the doc's for a wee bit of help and got sent for x-rays and now also have an Impending appointment with a Liver specialist, which Is brilliant, This "badboy liver" Is getting It! lol. I will get there at some point! Nothing has been allowed to drag me down this week, as It's been a  very special thing for me personally, to have been asked to be a Guest Editor. Yip! Still makes me smile reading that! lol.  I think that you are all wonderful.

I must go and let a bath work It's magic on my back, then I'm going to pop that kettle on and make a nice hot cup of tea. Changed day's from the bottle of wine and not remembering going out to the local nightclub to dance, looking like co-co the clown! One word for that Is......     Phew!  ;-)

Take Care, Back Soon. xx 

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Weekly Sentence #3

Click here to play:  Weekly Sentence 

  Each Saturday She will give you a set of six letters.  A sentence
    must be made from these letters.  The letters today are:
An example of a sentence could be -Steven likes eating 
purple cabbage daily.
These letters MAY NOT be re-arranged.

Here Is Mine:
Soulful Laughter Envelops people Combatting Depression

Winning Feel's So Right! lol

Hello, all you lovely people. Did any of you hear my screams? lol. Don't panic, Mister man wasn't throwing boiled eggs at me... No sireee,  I was just elated to receive a first place award!. Yeeehaa, I have never, ever had anything like that before so I was a bit pleased.

Thank You so much Val and your fellow judge's for my Sentence Of The Week Award. I have displayed It proudly. I finished work last night and headed over to my parents' house armed with my pink scrabble and wee treasure. We were sleeping over as today, is my dad's birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad.                                               

We sat up drinking tea, eating goodies and enjoying our favourite game. It was magic. We also watched a movie of wee treasure at christmas time a few years ago and a dancing one of her, and her cousin, shaking their stuff! lol. I am so pleased I captured those memories when I did. My parents adored them. 

My dad Is 77 years old today and still puts everyone to shame with the amount of things he does! Fitting the kitchen and bathroom and hanging door's etc In his house! A lot of the family arrived to wish him well and he looked really pleased to see them all.

I'm not long home and have just sat down and It's teatime. I will sleep well tonight! lol. I will have to get comfy here and start whipping round all your journals now to catch up. So get the kettle on! lol I hope you are all well and having a wonderful weekend so far. ;-)  

Take care. Back Soon. xx 


Thursday, 14 February 2008

Feeling Loved.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody. I know It's very late but I still wanted to give you all some love! lol. I woke at the usual time 6.45am with the wonderfully loud ringing phone tone for my alarm! works every time! lol. I got a nice kiss, said good morning and Happy Valentine's Day, then crept out the bedroom and had the craziest Idea to make Mister Man a nice breakfast In bed. Hmmm knowing full well, he doesn't ever eat breakfast, I thought somehow today would be different and would be appreciated so much!

I got everything on the tray, the plate, cup, small vase with some flowers from my last week's bunch! lol and headed through to the room, only to be told In a very sleepy voice, "Aww Darling I can't eat that just now", "I will be sick", "If you put It In the kitchen, I will heat It up In the microwave later," to which I said "Okay love, no problem" Awww. I know he doesn't eat at that time of day, but It didn't stop me smiling on my way through to the kitchen with the tray, as I wondered how on earth he was going to manage putting his boiled eggs and soldiers In the microwave!!! lol That made my day! Wicked, I know but ever so funny and Ironic.

 Bless his cotton socks though, I got a lovely bunch of red carnations and 2 cards, One was a wee joke one and one was a real beautiful and heartwarming one. Even my wee treasure got a card!! Hmm, wonder who that was of? Lucky lady.

I Hope you have all had a fabulous day.Sending Loads of Love to all you wonderful J-Landers. Take care, Back soon. xx

Saturday, 9 February 2008

The Future model! lol

Saturday Again! and I have been suffering with writer's block and It has been driving me nuts! lol. I haven't been feeling great at all, been struggling with excruciating back pain and the only thing I wanted to do last night was moan, so instead of that I entered the "pet" competition and  I have done the weekly sentence which I love. What a fabulous Idea. That got my thinking cap on and stopped me dwelling on It.

I can't wait to be "fixed" and get some of this excess weight off, It's dragging me down. There I go again moaning! Arghh! lol. I would have drank away my blues with a couple of glasses of wine before all this badboy liver nonsense! lol. I will have to go for It and really go to extreme measures shortly.....Hit the kitchen for some Horicks! lol.

On a positive note, I get more tests done next week so you never know, I could be walking around, upright in a very figure hugging little black dress with kitten heels, quicker than you can say "Summer's here"! lol. I can see myself as a future model right now! lol. 

On a less positive note, I was saddened to hear of my mum and dad's elderly neighbour and friend David who died at home a few days ago. He was such a lovely man and my heart goes out to his wife Sally. Many years ago when I was a young teeny- bopper, they took one of our dogs' puppies and called him Barney. he was a black lab cross with beautiful white teeth and a very waggy tail! lol. I cycled along to their house a fair bit to see him and I was always made to feel so special.

They had huge walled gardens full of absolutely gorgeous flowers, plants and fruit trees. I loved walking round with them. Back in the house It would be juice and biccies! Mmm. A lovely couple. It is so nice for me to have had the chance to know them and now at least I am able to keep hold of those memories.

I was just handed a cup of tea from Mister Man! which was lovely. Wee treasure has finally left the house to go out to play. I will have to start looking for a new trampoline for her soon, for when the better weather comes In. I will also be looking for a rather large paddling pool for me! lol. I adore them.

I can almost feel the sun on my face thinking about it.The wonderful smell of the barbeques aswell, wafting up and down the gardens. Magic. Can't afford to go away anywhere this year, but If I manage to get all those goodies for the garden, and If the sun is shining, then It will be just as good being somewhere nice!. lol.

Have a good weekend everybody. Take Care. Back Soon. Love Pam xx  

My 2nd Nice Matters Award!


Thank You so much for giving me The Nice matters Award Jenny. It's my second one and I am as proud as punch. You have really cheered me up. Thanks. I have one person I want to give this to and that is Donna - she always takes the time to leave wonderful comments and yet she is having such a hard time herself. Please pop along and say hello and check out her new journal: Atkins Adventures.
This award will be given to good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings.Those that care about others, that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence on our blogging world. It's down  to you now Donna to choose between 1-6 people you want to give this wonderful award to. Well Done. xx

Weekly Sentence


Click here to play:  Weekly Sentence 

  Each Saturday She will give you a set of six letters.  A sentence
    must be made from these letters.  The letters today are:
An example of a sentence could be -  The chef roasted
    a baby carrot.
These letters MAY NOT be re-arranged.

            Today's Letters: TCRABC
Here's Mine:
The Chorus Reached A Breathtaking Crescendo.

Friday, 8 February 2008

My Pet

My Pet

I decided at the last minute to enter this week's competition. I wanted to take new pics but never got the chance this week. I hope nobody minds too much but here are my 3 gorgeous babies again. G-Cat, Oscar and Purdie. xx

I will hopefully be posting my next entry about my great big win on the Euromillions! lol. ;-)Take care, Back Soon. xx


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Nice Matters Award!


I have just been given the above award by  Yasmin    and I am absolutely thrilled! Thank You so much Yasmin. I am honoured to consider myself your friend. You would have been one of my choices without question. You are such a kind person.

This is what this award is all about:
This award will be given to those that are just nice people, good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings.  Those that care about others, that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence on our blogging world.
Now it falls on me, to pass it on to others whom I think deserve it.  This is so hard, There are so many of you, that I cannot choose you all, but those I give it to also have to pass it on to others so, hopefully, anyone who doesn't receive this will from me, will end up getting It from someone else and very soon!.
Here are my choices:
 Joann : Joann always leaves me wonderful comments, she is so kind and encouraging. I was made to feel really special by her when I first started out.Thank You Joann.x
 Carol  : Carol Is like the "Mamma" bear, with her kindness.After her recent trauma with the big brave Adam, I reckon this will cheer her up.Thank You Carol.x
 Lori : Lori is one of life's troopers, she has a heart of gold and proved as much by giving me a chance to feel really good in J-Land. she Is willing to help other people at the drop of a hat. Thank You Lori.x
 Jenny : Jenny loves her music and Is so passionate about It, she always highlights her best friend Trina. I think that speaks volumes. Her trips to the festivals are extremely entertaining. Thank You Jenny.x
 Amanda : Amanda needs readers to give her a boost as she has such a fantastic sense of humour, she struggles through life with poor health and still battle's on.I received some lovely email's from her when I started up. Thank You Amanda.x
Andy : Andy Is one of life's Gentlemen. He has graced my journal from day one and still cares enough to comment. He has lifted my spirits on many occassions.Thank You Andy.x
Please stop by all the above journals and wish them well. Thank You so much again. It means such a lot. Take Care, Back Soon. xx  

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Weekly Sentence

Click here to play:  Weekly Sentence 

  Each Saturday She will give you a set of six letters.  A sentence
    must be made from these letters.  The letters today are:
An example of a sentence could be - Don't Shoot Pool With A Shark
These letters MAY NOT be re-arranged.

            Today's Letters: DSPWAS
Here's Mine:
Delightful Special Poetry Writing And Stories

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Some More Poems.

Here are a few more poems from my book, A little cheerier too! lol.xx                                                                        

My Wee Treasure

It takes a lot to be understanding,
It takes a lot to have such faith,
In the past I had nothing,
But with you, I now have strength.

You have shared all my troubles,
You have stayed with me throughout,
All the times that i have struggled,
With all my pain and all my doubts.

And now I've learned to be more open,
Having faith strong enough for two,
Knowing that you'll be by my side.
I'm giving all my love to you.

It takes a lot to hold out your arms
And welcome strangers In.
Now I know that I'm In your arms,
My life can now begin.

Little Lady

Little lady, You've gone and I don't know what I should do.
I'm sorry, that I've not been straight with you.
I kept back something, that I could never say,
And now I'm going to tell you,
Because I can't be without you one more day.

And that's, I love you. I miss you
I want to share my life with you again.
Little lady, please forgive me,
I hope that we'll be more than just friends.

I'll never leave you, or deceive you,
I'll always be there when you need me.
Little lady i ask you please.......Once again.


Cuddly toys and a china doll,
A picture of simba hangs on the wall.
Disney books all over the floor,
Her dressing gown hangs on the back of the door.

This loveable squeezable daughter of mine
demands my attention all of the time.
She'll bite and she'll nip and she'll slap really hard.
My voice echoes loudly "No Treasure" "That's bad".

At just 2 years old, she's too clever for me,
With "Thank you" and "Sorry" and "Oh Mama Please".
When i cough, she appears and slaps my back.
When I shout she protests "No Mummy! "Smack?"

On my knee for a cuddle, Its "Mummy", "Love you".
If she's just been in trouble, It's a big kiss too.
My baby's a charmer, with huge blue eyes,
A beautiful smile and comical sighs.


Saturday night, Juice in hand!!!  lol changed day's.
I have decided to share some more poems.
I hope you enjoy them and will let me know what you think.


Distant Sun 

You never know what tomorrow will bring.
Just as sure as there's summer, there's spring.
All we seem to do is live in hope
And do our best to try and cope.

You never know you've loved until you've lost.
You give away far too much of your trust.
We can watch all our friends crying,
But close your eyes to our world cos it's dying

Our world is now very frightening,
It's so sad to see it this way,
All that's left is all of this fighting,
All that we can do now is pray.

You never know when it's your turn to go,
Just as sure as there's winter, there's snow,
We can watch all the bird's flying,
But close your eyes to our world cos It's dying.

Sunless Day's

When your heart is beating fast,
Your mind, It wanders to the past.
All that's left of yesterday.
Goodbye my friend so far away.

The love we had, has gone for good.
You never knew or understood,
What life was like for me inside
And how I felt just like a child.

You took great pride in teaching me
The things in life, which were meant to be.
It's such a shame you never said,
What was soon to lie ahead.


It's time to move on now.
There's nothing left for me here.
A new beginning, A fresh start,
An open road, A goodbye tear.

It's time to move on now,
Leaving won't be so hard to do.
I know if I leave now,
Then my dream will come true.

I'm sorry if this will hurt you,
But, there's no other way I know,
I won't ever forget you.
The hardest part in leaving,
Is letting you go.


Taking It Easy.

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare! The wind here has been dreadful and had blown away my wee treasure's trampoline along loads of garden's and when we got to it, It was impaled on a washing pole totally destroyed. Luckily It never hurt anyone or smashed any window's. I should have dismantled It a while back so I only have myself to blame.

Things got a little worse when I slipped on my path wearing silly boots and hurt my back, I was sore and physically sick so I had to turn back from heading to work. I had made it a good part of the way there aswell! typical!  I slept for hours yesterday and have stayed in my pyjamas taking it easy. 

I feel a lot better today and have spent almost the whole day stopping by loads of journals. It's been really interesting. Some were funny some were sad and a few were heartbreaking to read. It made me want to push my arms through the computer and squeeze these people with the biggest hugs possible. Their courage and strength left me stuck for words in total admiration.

Everybody does have problems, granted, of one sort or another I know, but these people are on another level, fighting a different battle.  I have had a few strange looks here today as I constantly re-filled cups with tea and coffee without being asked! very much a tea drinker when I get upset! lol.

I looked through my old book of poems I wrote ages ago and thought who better to share them with than my fellow J-Landers! I went through a time of trying to write songs and managed a few tunes to go with the words, but I never did anything with them. I wrote them all in my big poetry book and kept them safe through all the years of moving from house to house.

The one I will share today was after I had been on a day trip with Mister Man and my Wee Treasure to the Zoo for the day. I had loved going to the zoo on many previous occassions but this particular day was to be my saddest. I managed to get through the day for the sake of the wee one but it was hard. When I got home, I just had to write down how I felt and I didn't settle until I had done it.

Easily Forgotten

Pacing up and down, trapped in a zoo,
this is so wrong, for a big cat like you.
Your eyes they will haunt me, staring and sad
confined to a small cage, I would go mad.

I wish I could free you, just open the door
let you run wild, to hunt and explore.
I tell you I'm sorry and say It out loud
I weave In and Out of the gathering crowd.

I make my way down to the chimpanzee's
to see them swinging up high in the tree's.
There's one large lady, lying in the hay,
her eye's tell the story, No-one will play.

I feel your lonliness, I understand
I want to sit beside you and hold your hand.
I tell you I'm sorry through the tears that I cry.
I blow you a kiss and wave you goodbye.