Saturday, 2 February 2008

Taking It Easy.

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare! The wind here has been dreadful and had blown away my wee treasure's trampoline along loads of garden's and when we got to it, It was impaled on a washing pole totally destroyed. Luckily It never hurt anyone or smashed any window's. I should have dismantled It a while back so I only have myself to blame.

Things got a little worse when I slipped on my path wearing silly boots and hurt my back, I was sore and physically sick so I had to turn back from heading to work. I had made it a good part of the way there aswell! typical!  I slept for hours yesterday and have stayed in my pyjamas taking it easy. 

I feel a lot better today and have spent almost the whole day stopping by loads of journals. It's been really interesting. Some were funny some were sad and a few were heartbreaking to read. It made me want to push my arms through the computer and squeeze these people with the biggest hugs possible. Their courage and strength left me stuck for words in total admiration.

Everybody does have problems, granted, of one sort or another I know, but these people are on another level, fighting a different battle.  I have had a few strange looks here today as I constantly re-filled cups with tea and coffee without being asked! very much a tea drinker when I get upset! lol.

I looked through my old book of poems I wrote ages ago and thought who better to share them with than my fellow J-Landers! I went through a time of trying to write songs and managed a few tunes to go with the words, but I never did anything with them. I wrote them all in my big poetry book and kept them safe through all the years of moving from house to house.

The one I will share today was after I had been on a day trip with Mister Man and my Wee Treasure to the Zoo for the day. I had loved going to the zoo on many previous occassions but this particular day was to be my saddest. I managed to get through the day for the sake of the wee one but it was hard. When I got home, I just had to write down how I felt and I didn't settle until I had done it.

Easily Forgotten

Pacing up and down, trapped in a zoo,
this is so wrong, for a big cat like you.
Your eyes they will haunt me, staring and sad
confined to a small cage, I would go mad.

I wish I could free you, just open the door
let you run wild, to hunt and explore.
I tell you I'm sorry and say It out loud
I weave In and Out of the gathering crowd.

I make my way down to the chimpanzee's
to see them swinging up high in the tree's.
There's one large lady, lying in the hay,
her eye's tell the story, No-one will play.

I feel your lonliness, I understand
I want to sit beside you and hold your hand.
I tell you I'm sorry through the tears that I cry.
I blow you a kiss and wave you goodbye.


carolelainedodd said...

It has been very windy hasn't it??? Luckily we haven't lost anything.
Hope you heal pretty quickly.  Take it easy though won't you???.
Some Zoos are pretty ghastly aren't they??  In the end it all comes down to money.!!!!
Loved the poem.
Hugs to you.

jeadie05 said...

Oh dear so sorry the trampoline was spoilt still as you say no one hurt ,some Zoos make you feel sad when you see some of the animals ,,the eyes say it all dont they?  ,,love Jan xx

shrbrisc said...

I am sorry to hear about your trampoline and I hope yu get to feeling better soon,

astoriasand said...

Oh Dear what a performance that trampoline did .The wind has been terrible here too.Lots of damage about.I am afraid I am not a lover of zoos for this reason,though I have been to many for the sake of the children when they were tiny.I feel like letting the animals  loose too.To bound about like your tranpoline did LOL!! Lovely poem you wrote Clap Clap Well done .I so enjoyed it.Take Care God Bless I hope your back soon feels better.Kath astoriasand

cayasm said...

Hope you didn't injure you back to badly, be careful with that, sorry to hear about your trampoline is it fixable? Its been windy here as well though not as bad more cold than anything else. Like you i read a lot of journals and your right some are just heartbreaking as well as the funny ones it's amazing isn't it what people share, i'm glad they do. I liked the poem

Take care



plieck30 said...

Thank you for the compliment in my journal. I love your poem and can't wait to read more of your entries. I've been behind lately so forgive me. Sorry about the trampoline. I lost some bird feeders in the wind. Once our neigbor down the street had their trampoline blow over three back yards, a vacant lot, across a street and ended up at someone's back door. I was so glad when it blew past us it didn't break any windows. Take care, Paula

andrewfrnd said...

Yes it has been a tad windy! Hope your back is better and I am fascinated by your expession 'silly boots' all sort of things come to mind.
Andy xx

wwfbison said...

Ooops on the fall, hope the back heals quickly for you.  I love your poem about the zoo - it is as though you took the words out of my thoughts with this one.

kellwitch said...

I just love the way you write and the things you say. Your writing makes me feel that all is right in the world!!

ukgal36 said...

Hope your back will be your poetry..thanks for sharing!

lv2trnscrb said...

your poem was a nice one; I look forward to reading more of them; hope your back feels better soon

It is gut-wrenching to read some journal entries; everyone has a story to tell don't they?

I hope the wind settles down where you are


adonnainparis said...

Sorry you hurt your back.  I hope you feel better soon!

I like your poem. :-)

preciousone25 said...

Awwww, that's a sweet poem, I know the feeling, too.  I don't go to the zoo often, but when I do, I get that sad feeling too.  Hope your back is feeling better.


jmoqueen said...

That's a great poem :o)  You'll do anything to get off work huh? ;-)  LOL........Hope your feeling better though xx  Shame about the trampoline


helmswondermom said...

I very much enjoyed your poem.  I hope you are feeling better today.

rdautumnsage said...

Sorry you fell hon! Beautiful heartfelt poem. I refuse to go to zoo's for that very reason; I can't stand to see such beautiful creatures confined. (Hugs) Indigo