Sunday, 30 May 2010

Farewell My Friend

Dear Jane,
I have never been at a loss so much for words in my entire life, as i am right now. I can't see my screen properly for tears as i try to type. I was told just moments ago that you are now with the Angels. Oh Jane, I feel like a piece of my heart has broken. You have been my friend for such a long time now and i am devastated that you have gone. I am going to miss you so much. I see quite a lot in my job and deal with a lot of different types of poorly people, but you are so very different Jane, You truly are One in a Million. You started your journey with courage, strength, dignity, and mountains of humour and kept all of these things going throughout. I don't know how you managed to do that.

I would be reading one of your stories in tears one minute and the next few seconds later, be in stitches. What a fabulous, funny and amazingly beautiful lady you are and always will be. I will keep you in my memories until the day i see you again. Thank you for not only being my friend but by sharing your story, you have helped others to overcome many obstacles. There is no more suffering with pain for you now and i am so thankful for that. I know how much Martin and the family meant to you, you always made me feel like a welcome friend reading your stories and I am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

I used to finish speaking to you by saying i would hold you close and today will be no exception. I love you so much and always will my brave, brave friend, keeping you close as usual. Rest In Peace Jane. All my Love, Pam. xx

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Last Of The Hard Hat Divers By Bob Sinclair

Hello Everyone. I hope you are all well. I have set up a Facebook Page for my dads' new book now and hope that you can all show some support for him there.
Please Become a Friend and like this page and tell your friends too. We are trying to raise the profile of my 79 year old dads' 1st book called Last Of The Hard Hat Divers.

This book is filled with a large slice of unreported history, filled also with humour to make you laugh aloud, filled at times with the pathos of tragedy that might make you weep.
It tells in detail how German Bombers almost killed him in WW2. How a diver was able to get drunk on Whisky on the sea bed!.

How a British Submarine was lost with all hands due to human error and not enemy action. How his father escaped death a few times as a Merchant Seaman and as a Salvage Man and how an uncle survived most of the war in a Prison Camp. A book that demands attention to the follies of mankind.

"Lest We Forget".

Take Care, Back Soon. Love Pam.xx