Sunday, 7 October 2007


Can't believe it's been almost a month since my latest adventure! After a very early start it was a short bus ride and very pleasant  train journey with a lovely older lady who sat opposite me, I almost swallowed my puzzler when I first saw her, as she was the spitting image of my dead granny.! Hmmm, after several family swapping conversations and rude stares from me, we were there! Right in the centre of London. Kings Cross, I'd seen it on the T.V. before but not paid much attention to it, and there I was bustling along the road with my wheelie case feeling quite at home. The Hotel was just a stones throw away which was amazing.

Gosh, where do I start? The Hotel was lovely, The words..."3rd Floor"! upset me slightly when it was followed by "no lift",  but hey! I was determined to have a good time. The room was very small but had its own bathroom and large fan on a shelf with its own remote control, which my wonderful other half had great amusement with,almost freezing me to death! or catching my hair as I walked past. Oh the Romance!

The extra digital channels went down well, home from home with me getting nowhere near that remote either! lol  I'm convinced the bathroom door had the biggest spring in the world attached to it, which was a huge battle to get in and out safely, also a great source of amusement for the person watching the struggle! lol

We headed to Covent Garden then on to camden on the first night. I kinda ended up rather plastered in The Hawley Arms. No sign of Kate Moss or Amy Winehouse though! To be honest, they could've been there, but I was too smashed to have noticed. I did meet a rather Interesting guy sitting next to me at the bar who was quite coy about his band, playing down their success. The Band are called King Lizard and this rather charming guy was called Niro Knox. 

I do, however remember having a debate with him about his hair colour and giving him, and the barmen a hard time about not knowing who Patsy Cline was! Typical drunk me! The Ladies Loos are downstairs and after being shown the way, I found myself climbing an endless amount of stairs trying to find my way back to the bar, when I wandered in to the Top Bar, where apparently, I found out afterwards, It's where the Celebs go! or as another lovely chap called Ben so lovingly pointed out, when I got back to my seat "All the saddo's hoping to spot a celeb go there aswell!" I took a bit of a teasing as you can imagine!

I hope that nobody, famous or not, remembers my little outburst when I staggered in, trying to get my breath back after all those stairs, cursing and whinging "Noooooo", "I Don't wanna be here!". "Where is the other bar"? Oh the shame!

Tuesday was spent sightseeing all day which was rather impressive considering I had crawled up the hotel stairs the night before! We took in all the sights and thoroughly enjoyed our boat trip on the Thames, made even more special by the scorching sunshine that had surrounded us the whole day. Wednesday was a magical trip to Harrods. I was made to feel really special and it was so nice. The afternoon was spent wandering around the Camden Markets. Another good day.

The Tube was the one thing I thought would terrify me, with past events etc, but everyone seemed to be watching everyone else and I felt a sense of Immense togetherness there. It was so fast, I felt like I was transported into another world every time we arrived at a new station!

I found London Fabulous, Interesting, Intriguing, Clean and Fast, very, very, Fast, even the birds were in a hurry! which was totally bizarre. Everyone was either on a mobile phone or attached to an mp3 player!. I am so pleased that I went and experienced another way of life. It wasn't like anything  I'd ever Imagined before.

They always say that you will see at least one famous person in London, Well I saw zandra Rhodes and Ash from the X Factor (you know the cute guy with the big hair?)  but my claim to fame was  rather unbelievable.....almost walking right In to a T.V. camera crew filming a kids programme with 3ft orange haired trolls! So when you see the stupid looking,grinning  woman pointing and laughing, carrying an enormous Great Britain bag at the traffic can smile, cos that'll be me! lol. xx


Saturday, 6 October 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetie

Saturday the 6th Oct. As of 6.15am this morning and a rather rude awakening, I have been getting used to the idea of being a mum to a teenager! My little treasure, is now 13! So hard to believe.  I think she has had a good day she got loads of lovely presents lucky little lady.

I had the nitemare senario of choosing a few last minute things, including the the cake! I went in the supermarket last night after work at 6pm and got in a taxi home at 8pm! (with 2 cakes!) I hadn't realised just how indecisive I was! Then again, this was no obvious feat, shopping for a teenager! Arghhhh.

I think it was a success, hard to tell really with the odd nod and mutter under her breath, why are us parents so uncool? Who decided this? I spent the whole day discreetly watching her like a hawk in case she needed me....Hmmmm, I soon realised I was misleading myself when she glared at me, like I had two horns and a tail then threw me out her room, needing her own "space" apparently!

Glad all my time spent in the kitchen, boiling eggs,cutting cheese,frying sausages,making 40,000 sandwiches and 2 million sausage rolls didn't go unnoticed, I'm pretty certain I heard a "thanks" as she was heading out the door, can't be 100% though.!  Ahhh pesky teenagers! tsk. lol

11pm now and my bed is calling. Back Soon. Take Care. xx