Saturday, 6 October 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetie

Saturday the 6th Oct. As of 6.15am this morning and a rather rude awakening, I have been getting used to the idea of being a mum to a teenager! My little treasure, is now 13! So hard to believe.  I think she has had a good day she got loads of lovely presents lucky little lady.

I had the nitemare senario of choosing a few last minute things, including the the cake! I went in the supermarket last night after work at 6pm and got in a taxi home at 8pm! (with 2 cakes!) I hadn't realised just how indecisive I was! Then again, this was no obvious feat, shopping for a teenager! Arghhhh.

I think it was a success, hard to tell really with the odd nod and mutter under her breath, why are us parents so uncool? Who decided this? I spent the whole day discreetly watching her like a hawk in case she needed me....Hmmmm, I soon realised I was misleading myself when she glared at me, like I had two horns and a tail then threw me out her room, needing her own "space" apparently!

Glad all my time spent in the kitchen, boiling eggs,cutting cheese,frying sausages,making 40,000 sandwiches and 2 million sausage rolls didn't go unnoticed, I'm pretty certain I heard a "thanks" as she was heading out the door, can't be 100% though.!  Ahhh pesky teenagers! tsk. lol

11pm now and my bed is calling. Back Soon. Take Care. xx  

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