Friday, 14 September 2007

A Break From The Norm

Friday the 14th sep 8.32pm. Its been an okay week at work, rather quiet not much happening at home either, just been feeling rather excited tonight as I'm going away on monday for a few days to London. Passed through there when I was 16 heading to France but hardly remember it.

I have butterflies in my tummy at the thought of the tube and how busy the places will be, but  I'm going to be brave and go with the flow. It will just be myself and mister man and we will be staying in a hotel, so It will be strange. I've got the arduous task of getting all organized for going, as I haven't done anything  at all! Tomorrow will be a very busy day no doubt.

I will check back in when we get home and hopefully have some happy memories and good stories to tell. I'm looking forward to going to Harrods and the Camden Markets. The Itinery has been rewritten several times but Wednesday will be the main "shopping" day. It will be nice to get away, a break always re-charges the batteries and this is long overdue for us both, First time staying in a hotel together in 16 years!! lol.  I'm going to go and get a good nights sleep and be ready for a very early start. Back Soon. Take Care. xx

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meigle25 said...

HILARIOUS!!!!  Hi Pam, I have'nt laughed as much in ages. Some stories u have told us b4 but they r even funnier 2nd time around.
Best 1 has 2 b wi SPIKE. You r even crazier now heading 2 *40* than what u were turning 30!!! HA HA. KEEP IT UP GIRL.  L-A.