Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Taking A Break

Hello everyone, I am taking a wee break from my Journal for a week or 2. I have a lot of stuff to sort out and desperately need to get something sorted out work wise. I will be popping online as I need to check out the new vacancies posted, and enter sentence of the week! lol, so If anybody needs me, or wants me to see something then, Please just send me an email.

I will feel strange turning off my alerts but I really need to spend this time focussing on a better future, which means I will be really knuckling down looking for work and getting fit. I have discovered a channel on sky 288. It is simply wonderful. It's all about Balance and helping to get a better body and lifestyle. I especially like Kundilini Yoga with Maya Fiennes, which I have tried and must say, I absolutely love to bits. It Is so relaxing and theraputic and has done wonders for my back and my mind.

I am still walking an awful lot, so between the two, I am feeling really good at the moment. I reccommend It to anyone. I also have my garden to tackle over the next couple of weeks, I should lose at least a stone doing that!! lol. I left the house the other night to go to the shop and as I stepped down the outside steps this enormous dark maroon coloured frog/toad thingy leapt up In front of me! lol. I almost fell back through the door. Once I had shouted my wee treasure down to witness the beastie, It leapt Into the garden/Jungle! lol.

I will have to do a sweeping brush search before I get the strimmer out! It may take some time!! lol. I can still hear my adoreable daughter laughing at the state of me. I also want to spend some time with my little  monster! lol. I need to prise her away from the T.V. ER,  One Tree Hill and Big Brother are a permanent fixture In this house! lol. So all my lovely darlings, I will Love you and leave you now with some Kundilini as a wee taster. Take Care of you all and I will see you all real soon. xx