Monday, 19 January 2009

One Happy Birthday Girl

Well. Hello Everyone. Its me at last! I hope you have all had a fabulous New year so far. For anyone that I didn't send an email to wishing them well, I apologize and am sorry for being away for so long.
I took a mad turn and decided to write a book! lol. I have taken a breather to pop on here and say hello and share my happy day. I know a lady should never say her age but I am cool about it....I think!!! lol. 39 today and It has been such a great day. Next year will be a different story! lol.

I got lovely cards and brilliant presents. Mister man was a superstar making me a cooked breakfast and Roast Dinner for our evening meal. He bought me an mp3 player and gave me a cool book. I got loads of cool stuff like flowers and chocs and was thoroughly spoilt all day. I think this has been the best birthday in many years. I am looking forward to a busy day tomorrow at work as I will be jigging along the pavement, singing, looking like a right plonker!! lol. Hope you are all well in your wee worlds. Miss you all. My babies are doing fine. G is growing by the day and no longer goes out all night. The weather doesn't agree with him so he swings on the front door handle after a couple of hours outside!!! We now put him out at 9pm.

Oscar is still the sookiest baby going and loves his mama. Purdie is ageing graciously and sleeps quite a lot, when she is awake the other 2 know their place! she also soon wakens right up if there is a can of tuna opened! lol. Wee treasure is doing well at school. We are having to do excercises twice a day for her ankle and were told the other day that it will be a minimum of 6 months before we see a difference. A badly fallen arch needs corrected. Trying to get a teenager to do anything is so hard!! lol. I am laying down the law on this one as, her walking properly is a priority. loads of arguments especially about footwear go on in this house. I am surprised you don't all hear us! lol.

Mister man has chilled out somewhat and has turned his attention to motorbikes. I, too share this passion so we are definitely on the same wavelength. I think that is you all brought up to speed on the latest adventures in my world. Must go and do a wee quiz now on before my bath It's so addictive, I love it! Take Care, Back Soon. xx