Friday, 18 December 2009


Hello Everyone, Hope you are all well. I have been away while again and not had a chance to catch up with you all. I got my appointment through for the big hospital and travelled a good distance to see the Consultant. the whole visit lasted 10 mins!!. I have been feeling rather strange since then but I am quite sure It Is all normal reactions.
He said It was very clear on my M.R.I. that one of my discs In my spine has slipped and he Is almost certain that this Is what has been causing my arm pain. Fabulous to have an answer but a cure? Hmmm not quite as Fabby. I need an operation and was asked If I would be free between xmas and new year to which I answered very bravely yes!
I have had many things running through my mind, the anaesthetic Itself has had me freaked and obviously the thought of any mistakes! One wrong move and I am paralysed! I have named my entry Hope & Positivity because I need to hold on to both of these goodies! lol. My 40th Is on the 19th Jan and I really want to be okay for then.
I keep reminding myself that there are loads of people so much worse off than me. I have almost all Xmas Presents bought and wrapped, only a few bits and pieces. I am determined to try my best to enjoy the big day Itself. My Mister Man Is fine, The bike Is all tucked up for the Winter and My Little Treasure Is still every Inch the model Teenager!I will be back as soon as I can. I send you all Best Wishes and every happiness for a Fabulous Xmas and Fantastic 2010. Take Care, Back Soon, Love Pam.xx