Saturday, 9 February 2008

The Future model! lol

Saturday Again! and I have been suffering with writer's block and It has been driving me nuts! lol. I haven't been feeling great at all, been struggling with excruciating back pain and the only thing I wanted to do last night was moan, so instead of that I entered the "pet" competition and  I have done the weekly sentence which I love. What a fabulous Idea. That got my thinking cap on and stopped me dwelling on It.

I can't wait to be "fixed" and get some of this excess weight off, It's dragging me down. There I go again moaning! Arghh! lol. I would have drank away my blues with a couple of glasses of wine before all this badboy liver nonsense! lol. I will have to go for It and really go to extreme measures shortly.....Hit the kitchen for some Horicks! lol.

On a positive note, I get more tests done next week so you never know, I could be walking around, upright in a very figure hugging little black dress with kitten heels, quicker than you can say "Summer's here"! lol. I can see myself as a future model right now! lol. 

On a less positive note, I was saddened to hear of my mum and dad's elderly neighbour and friend David who died at home a few days ago. He was such a lovely man and my heart goes out to his wife Sally. Many years ago when I was a young teeny- bopper, they took one of our dogs' puppies and called him Barney. he was a black lab cross with beautiful white teeth and a very waggy tail! lol. I cycled along to their house a fair bit to see him and I was always made to feel so special.

They had huge walled gardens full of absolutely gorgeous flowers, plants and fruit trees. I loved walking round with them. Back in the house It would be juice and biccies! Mmm. A lovely couple. It is so nice for me to have had the chance to know them and now at least I am able to keep hold of those memories.

I was just handed a cup of tea from Mister Man! which was lovely. Wee treasure has finally left the house to go out to play. I will have to start looking for a new trampoline for her soon, for when the better weather comes In. I will also be looking for a rather large paddling pool for me! lol. I adore them.

I can almost feel the sun on my face thinking about it.The wonderful smell of the barbeques aswell, wafting up and down the gardens. Magic. Can't afford to go away anywhere this year, but If I manage to get all those goodies for the garden, and If the sun is shining, then It will be just as good being somewhere nice!. lol.

Have a good weekend everybody. Take Care. Back Soon. Love Pam xx  


jeadie05 said...

For someone with writers block ,you didnt do so bad there ,sorry that bad boy has been troubleing you again ,and sorry to hear of the passing of your old family friend such happy memories,dont get to excited about swimming pools trampolines and bar b Qs yet its still only February lol Jan xx

astoriasand said...

Good luck with the pet competition and also the sentence game LOL!! Sorry to read about your dear friends hubby what a shame that is.Dream on for a while for the sun etc Haaaa British weather has no guarantee of sunshine,we can only hope .Prayers being said for your friend.Take Care God Bless Hope you feel much better soon.Kath astoriasand

lv2trnscrb said...

soon it will be spring and warmer weather to enjoy the outside; sorry about the passing of an old friend; always a sad time for sure as we remember their kindness

hope you feel better soon!


carolelainedodd said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Pam.
Today has certainly been very springlike.  Lovely and sunny here and warm enough for shorts and T.Shirts. Mmmmmm Lovely.
Have a good Sunday.

garnett109 said...

Thanks for the the Congrats, and the dr. love show only goes till feb 14th, thanks for stopping by

wwfbison said...

I am sorry to hear of Davids passing - you have lovely memories to cherish.  I will be looking forward to pics of your modeling debut!!!   Have a lovely weekend.

adonnainparis said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling great.  I hope your back pain subsides soon.  Also sorry to hear about your parents' neighbor.  

Have a great day!

ma24179 said...

I really hope you get to feeling better and hope that your tests come back okay. So sorry about your mother's friends :( Best wishes and (((HUGS))) -Missy

helmswondermom said...

All of us deserve to indulge in a little moaning and groaning now and then!  I hope you're feeling better soon.  So sorry to hear of your mom and dad's friend passing.

cayasm said...

It'll be nice when the sun comes out, sorry to hear about your parents neighbour it's  aways very sad to lose someone but at least you have some good memeories.
Have a moan if you feel like it, I have been living with back pain for almost a year a trapped nerve in my back, also the extra weight doesn't so I've started doing something about that but it does get you down.

Have a good Sunday


rdautumnsage said...

We all need to divulge in some moaning from time to time, once we get it out of our systems, we can get back to the good stuff...(winks) Sorry to hear about your neighbor passing away. Memories keep him alive yet in your life. Sounds like a wonderful prescription for summer with all the right ingredients. (Hugs) Indigo

preciousone25 said...

To the future Model!!!  So sorry to hear of your parents' neighbor passing, nice memories you have though.  Thanks for sharing them.


aniracj said...

BBQ's are being held round here already, the sun we had yesterday made people bring them out and there was the waft of food coming from the house over the back did smell good; No doubt there will be more today as we have warm sunshine yet again today! plus I am not impressed to find my tree in the garden is in blossom with the sunshine we have had.....way too early!!

shrbrisc said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon and I am sorry to hear about your loss

cvgflydis said...

I seem to stay in a state of Writer's Block! The best ideas come behind the wheel of my car.......and well, you know how hard it is to write and drive....
Sorry about the loss. It seems the ones from our childhood smacks a bit more, huh?

Have a great weekend!


jmoqueen said...

Writers block sucks but if you manage to come up with a sentence it can't be as bad as you think ;-)  Hope you had a good weekend enjoying the sunshine xx


mleppard06 said...

hi, hope you had a good weekend and are feeling better soon. mrs t xx

lattedah711 said...

Now that is a greaat thought about summer.  Just dreaming about it helps.  Thanks for the dream.  :)    Tracy