Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Strange But True!

Hello everyone. It's been a very strange day Indeed! Apologies for not getting round the journal's to comment, but I will do my best to catch up over the weekend.Today, I got a call at work from Mister Man, who assured me he was fine, but had, had a little accident! I froze as he went on to say he had just crashed his bike and thought his arm was broken. I don't know who got the bigger fright! He was heading off to the local hospital to get It checked out so all I could do was wait.

He called back to say that he had broken his elbow! Ouch! Poor soul. As the story unfolded It was like watching one of those Strange But True programmes. You see, Mister Man had just got his new bike and this was the first day out on It. He had made a flask of coffee and planned his route. He was turning a corner and the bike front wheel skidded on some oil and he, and the bike fell. He got up as fast as he could and dragged the bike to the side.

The strange part Is truly unbelievable! My sis Rosebud and her man had decided there and then, to go to the exact location mister man had gone to, and as they drove, they saw the visor from the bike, two headlight covers and a mobile phone lying In the road. Rosebud's man stopped the car and picked up the Items, thinking he recognized them and on opening the mobile phone saw a picture of mister man smiling sitting on his bike.!!

Of course, they got the fright of their lives and looked everywhere for him, phoning all the numbers In his phone being careful not to alarm anyone. They even rang me at work and just asked If he was away on the bike somewhere today. I said yes I thought that's what he was doing and they hurried off the line! I thought It was odd but never got the chance to question It. They tried the hospital and my home, spending about 2 hours looking for him.

Meanwhile, Mister man had sat down In a quiet part of the country road, to have a cup of coffee as his arm was so sore and he had got a big fright. He eventually got back on the bike and headed for my parents house struggling with the clutch. He walked the last part of the way and was stunned  to walk Into the drive, and up to the car, where my parents, Rosebud and her man were standing, He had said that he had just crashed and they told him they knew!

Luckily he Is In one piece. This could have been so much worse and for that, we are so thankful. We see It as some kind of warning and realise we have been let off lightly. It really does go to show, that we never really do know, what's round the corner!.
Take Care. Back Soon. xx


adonnainparis said...

That would have been so scary!!  I'm glad he's going to be all right!

jeadie05 said...

I am so sorry to hear this ,Poor Mr Man ,and what a fright this must have given you ,and it was fate your sister and her fellow were going that way,hope he feels better soon Jan xx

coelha said...

Poor Mister Man, but I'm glad Rosebud and her Man found him.  Do they live in a fairly small town?  What a coincidence that they find his phone!  :)  Julie

cayasm said...

Wow, glad mister man is ok and the injury not too serious, wishing him a speedy recovery, and what a coincidence that your sister and bil should happen along at almost the same time...spookey.

Take care


wwfbison said...

How terrible for him, the first ride no less.  Thankfully the injury isn't too serious - Bless his heart.  Please tell him I hope his elbow feels better soon.  I can imagine your scare as well.  

shrbrisc said...

oh honey I will keep him in my prayers and I hope he recovers quickly thank the lord it wasn't worse .

helmswondermom said...

Wow!  That is quite a story.  I'm so glad he is okay except for the broken elbow, which is bad enough!  Your sister and bil were so calm and acted so rationally, not scaring you or anyone else.  I admire that.  Please take care!

preciousone25 said...

Thank God it wasn't much worse.... however, a broken elbow is pretty painful!!  I hope he heals quickly.  He sounds like a strong man!!


lv2trnscrb said...

ouch!! I feel for Mister Man; do hope he makes a very quick speedy recovering from this


mortonlake said...

bless  pam          hope  he ok.   i  used to  ride motor bikes,had more than  my share  of  tumbles.        i am sure  he will  be  fine.  got  the  best  nurse  aint he. lol      love  mort   xxxx

kirkbyj05 said...

Wasn't that the strangest thing to happen Pam?   Really weird.
I hope mister man's elbow isn't as painful although i expect it will be for a long time to come.  Make sure he keeps his exercises up.  My daughter did the same when showing off by doing a backflip on the lawn encouraged by friends at her b/bque.  It took her a lot of physio to get it back again as normal.
Take care....all of you!
Jeanie xxx

sr2404 said...

ouch. elbow is not funny. Rosebud is very good at picking up on that kind of accident ihn the family. Its the old Shetland bloodline. Mr bestman did not have his leg amputated after car crash on Monday but has 8 pins. When the big day comes on 8th Aug our family could make an interesting group! Church has wheel chair access!
Love Loopy Loo

andrewfrnd said...

It could of been a lot worse.
Andy xx

fisherkristina said...

Hey girl, just noticed you won the Weekly Sentence game again!  Girl, you are good!  Congrats!

Krissy :)  

gdireneoe said...

Congrats!  Good word choice. ;)  C.

jmoqueen said...

Glad he is okay xx  How weird that they found all that stuff and knew it was Mister Mans!!


bhbner2him said...

What an odd series of events!  So glad it turned out well!!  -  Barbara

mleppard06 said...

glad mister man is ok, strange how everything happened!! take care mrs t xx