Saturday, 1 March 2008

" 'Ello, 'Ello 'Ello"...

Hello everyone. I am delighted to win The  Sentence Of The Week Award again!! How nice. It really cheered me up aswell. I have it displayed proudly In my sidebar, I think I may just empty my sidebar and start collecting these! lol. It's not been the best week so far! lol. What with worrying about Mr Man and just earlier having 2 policemen knocking on my front door!. I almost fainted, when I saw the black uniform's through the glass window part. 

 I was, of course wearing my jammies, dressing gown and slippers on opening the door!  Typical! Anyway one of them said It was nothing serious but asked to come In. My heart was racing as I led them Into the kitchen. It transpired that the extremely old fruitcake of a woman that lives along the road from me had phoned them on my wee treasure!

I was rather speechless as he went on to say this nutty old so and so had accused her of picking the tops of her flowers. He said he never saw any tops lying around but had to look Into It! I spoke to my wee one In front of the officer's and she told them she hadn't done anything at all and I know when there Is truth or lies and I know that was the truth.

I couldn't really believe my ears that this was happening. This so called woman, phones the police every time someone walks up the public stairway past or beside her house. It's all open but she doesn't like anyone passing by and she also doesn't like children full stop. I once walked past her, to go to the post box just next to her house and she was very nice discussing the weather and her garden, after posting the letter, I returned to see her standing with her arms crossed, face scowling, muttering obscenities at me!!. I was only away 2 mins! lol. 

I know I shouldn't think so little of her, when It Is quite plain to see that she Is not the full shilling, but one brick short of a wall, or a sandwich short of a picnic! lol. You get the Idea?

I can't help feeling so angry that I had to give our details over and yet we haven't done anything wrong. The police understood completely and said no further action would be taken. There was no action In the first place! Oh I'm really cross. I suggested that they look Into some kind of social worker because of her past enlightening them to the time she chased a 9yr old girl In her car!!! I also suggested they look at the number of times she has called the police as It was constant, and they said they would.

After they left I spoke with wee treasure and her friends and informed them not to go anywhere near the outside of her house again. I dont want to give her any reason to repeat this, I also hope she stays well away from me when I start doing my gardening In the spring, just In case my spade, fork, lawnmower or strimmer etc. accidently connects with her! lol.

         Right! Rant over!! I feel so much better now. lol I'm determined not to let anyone drag me down so I think I will post the new sentence of the week to stay cheery.
Take Care, Back Soon.


jeadie05 said...

Well done winning word of the week again ,told you it was good ,The social worker might not be such a bad idea ,how old is the woman ? ,is she looking after her self ,her behaviour is very irrational ,could she have demensia ? ,,just wondered ? Jan xx

cayasm said...

Congratulations on winning sentence of the week, ignore the old biddy I used to have one that lived across the road from and I told her where to go in no uncertain  mind you she responded in kind, I certainly learned some new words that  she always used to call the police in the end her family carted her off to a home, shame she got like that really but it was a pain.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


bhbner2him said...

Oh, how much fun it can be dealing with neighbors!  -  Barbara

andrewfrnd said...

Sadly every neighbourhood seems to have someone like this. There is no simple solution to it as my next door neighbour (who we call Granny Grumps) accused my daughter of breaking down her plants to retrieve her ball, only problem was that we were in Italy at the time!

Andy xx

mortonlake said...

congratulations   oh most favourite ickle  jland  person.   you   good  at  this         by  time  i thought of  anything,it's  too  late.     afraid  evry  street  got  one  like  your  neibor  pam.      nasty  when  police  called  in  though.          oh  well,for  ecery one  like   her              theres   10  like  you.       ermmmmmm   thinks. is  this  good?            he   he  he            you take care        love  mort   xxxx

lv2trnscrb said...

congrats on winning again! I remember your sentence was a good one and I remember thinking "this is worthy of winning"


momiscool2 said...

Congratulations on winning the sentence of the week twice!!!
I don't blame you for being angry at your nutty neighbor - I have one like that near me too !!
I had to laugh when talked about your gardening tools connecting with her lol.

ladymagnolia1963 said...

CONGRATULATIONS on winning The Sentence Of The Week Award again!!!!!

I'm sorry the Police came to your house and gave you a worry like that. But I am also relieved it was not serious!


mleppard06 said...

congrats on winning the sentence of the week! well deserved! sorry to hear about the lady and the police hope it is all ok now. take care mrs t xx

lanurseprn said...

Hi Pam...I'm the "other" Pam here in Jland. I came by via your link you left in the Jland group. It's nice to meet you and I look forward to reading your journal.
Take care,

adonnainparis said...


Congratulations on winning the award again!  It doesn't surprise me at all, because your sentence was very creative!  

Sorry about that lady upsetting you.  Someone wrote that she might have dementia, and I agree.  Obviously she is not well.

sr2404 said...

Grrrrrrrrrrr. How dare she/they, I can picture your wee treasure giving them a look of total distaste at the very suggestion. Now when you only have one teenage treasure and four boys......Coffee is served regularly to the local constabularly but fortunately it is because my youngest does stupid things like witness hit and runs, theft of cd players from cars, notes the registration of a stalker in our village, not to mention our local harmlees drunk snoozing on the park bench (that involved 999 and an ambulance because his breathing was erratic, after 20 pints of beer that was not really surprising) He is not being allowed to take his advanced first aid badge.
My teenage treasure on the other hand scares them away because one walked on our new carpet with dog poo on his boots last year! Ever heard a size 8 teenager tell a 6ft 4" policeman to take his boots off at the door or he isnt getting in. Your wee treasure would have done that at age 4 years!!!
As to the neighbour, well what can I say, I may have met her at the local R & R institution last year? Love Loppy Loo

gryphondear said...

Hey! Pam, first time I've read your journal--you go, girl! J-land rocks.

Congrats on the award.

Sorry to hear about the neighbor woman. In by-gone days, she would probably have been taken up for a witch and burnt. Nowadays, if you're lucky, the authorities will set a social worker on her, and she'll end up somewhere nice that she won't appreciate anyway, but you and the rest of the neighborhood will have a rest.

;^) Jan the Gryphon

jmoqueen said...

Ooooo er don't get near Pammels during the summer people you have been warned LOL............seriously though, you can understand her not liking some kids but all of them and everyone else as well, that's ridiculous!!  Hope they look into getting her some help


wwfbison said...

Congrats on the win!!!!!  You are handling the old bat better that I would, I am afraid I wouldn't have the patience or the understanding you do.  Of course, I've not had to deal with any neighbors who don't bark, moo, grunt or meow for many many years so perhaps I've become uncivilized.  LOL

shrbrisc said...

Congratulations on the win girl , don't you love the elderly they can make you laugh, cry and explode ... have a great day

sr2404 said...

Have done it! have started a blog to boast about being your sister. Love Loopy Loo

helmswondermom said...

Congratulations -- again! lol
As for your neighbor, I'm afraid we have had a couple like that.  They don't want anyone near their house, even when it's the public right-of-way, and Heaven help any kid or dog that comes close.  I hope they get some help for her or that she at least stops bothering everyone.

cvgflydis said...

I think there is always one neighbor, in every neighborhood like this. Thank goodness the one here, MOVED, and he was a cop. He was always trying to milk the neighbors for cash, since every kid in the 'hood, at some point, did damage to his property. It's a long story.......but Mom gave him a piece of her mind. It was quite funny.
Sorry your wee ones are the target.

gdireneoe said...

I think her brother lives across the street from me! (and her cousin next door!)  We are a younger family surrounded by retirees...I feel your pain.  sad, really. ;)  C.