Friday, 28 March 2008


Hello Everyone.

I really enjoyed my Easter weekend. The whole weekend was a very chilled out occassion. Plenty of chocolate eaten and some good movies watched. The Roast on the Sunday was perfect, It just finished of the day nicely. On the Monday I decided to wait until mister man had laid down on the couch for a nap and then I set to work.

I smuggled the paint, brushes and ladders Into the bathroom and got started changing the walls to a lovely fresh white! lol. Why did I do this quietly? I could just picture the conversation: "Don't go starting that, you won't get It finished" or "Don't do that today, we will do It soon" lol Yeah right!. I just had to crack on and get a good whack done before he woke up, then ask him to do all the top bits as I can't reach!!! lol women! What are we like?

I got on fine until I heard raised voices from the livingroom. I laid everything down, went through asking what was going on and In a rather sarcastic voice heard the words "What are you doing through there? Cooking?" I was absolutely covered In white paint! I rolled my eyes and headed back to the Oh Men! What are they like?

Had a moment In the supermarket tonight. It was a very familiar moment Indeed! lol. It took me back to one of my earlier entries:  Going Blonde This time I was alone which was good! and, I was staring at a different colour of hair dye. A very bright Red one!!!  I always follow this pattern of needing change, so the obvious easy answer Is to alter my hair. Always black or dark brown and on special occassions of stress we attempt blonde! lol

I will, of course let you all know the outcome tomorrow. I have had withdrawals this week from The Weekly Sentence. At least If my hair turns out to be a complete disaster, I still have Val to give me a new set of 6 letters to cheer me up!! lol  ;-) Take Care, Back Soon. xx 

P.S. I got the bathroom finished with a little assistance on the top bits!! ;-) lol x



jeadie05 said...

So did you finish the bath room ,heheee ,well done getting started your self ,Maurice is a man who will do it in a minute ! lol Waiting to see your hair Jan xx

cayasm said...

Is the bathroom finished? from dark brown to blonde I've always done my own decorating it's easier and it gets done and finished as for the hair 6 weekly visits to my hairdresser of 18 years  sorts that

Take care


lv2trnscrb said...

you are brave to color your own hair; I always say I'm going to and then I chicken out

so glad you had a nice Easter!!

I know, I missed the weekly sentence too this week :)


mortonlake said...

 oh  pam         why didn't  you call?  i  would  have  come  straight  over         i  like  watching  people  paint         restful           lol        oh did  you  think  i was  going  to  help???   oooooooo         lol        red  hair  huh???  well  why  not      i  am  sure  mr. man   will  love  you  whatever  awful  mess  it  looks       lol   you  take  care  my  friend      lots  love  mort  xxxxxx

lanurseprn said...

A redhead, huh? A redhead named Pam no less....could be trouble if you ask me <wink>. I can't wait to see how it came out.
Good job on the painting! I'm always afraid to start jobs like that by myself.  I don't know why??
Have a good weekend.
Love, Pam (there's that name again! LOL)

jjdolfin9 said...

OK Pam...just how red is red (or is it more orange)?  You never said if you got the bathroom done.  Brilliant way to get it started without 'him' knowing.  Too late to stop you then.  My kind of woman.  Glad you had a nice Easter.  Have a great rest of the weekend.
Hugs, Joyce

wwfbison said...

I have been wanting to repaint a few rooms but haven't had the motivation to do it, perhaps you have inspired me.  I hope your hair comes out okay...are you going bright red??  I hope you like it once you've done it - of course it is fun and anything can be undone.

preciousone25 said...

So glad that you got it all finished!!  LOL!!!  I was supposed to do MY hair today, too.... but got lazy... tomorrow, maybe... LOL!!!


chat2missie said...

I don't think I would be brave enough to paint any of our rooms myself!  Good for you.  I can't wait to see your hair.  I'd like to go red but I'm afraid! LOL

jmoqueen said...

When are you gonna post some piccies misses???  Especially of the dyed hair ~ you know how nosey we lot are ;)  Well done you for getting the bathroom started and finished x


mleppard06 said...

good for you getting the bathroom done, want to do mine? it's been waiting for a year!! for me...won't let hubby loose with a paint take care mrs t xxx

sunnybethe said...

Whoa!  That's RED!!  I've got to see the outcome of this ; )

hugs,  Bethe