Sunday, 30 March 2008


Hello Everyone. My hair has turned out a really nice shade of red. Not too bright though! I also didn't manage to stain anything In the bathroom either! which is always a bonus. lol. It's not been the best of weekends so far. After receiving some bad news last Thursday, I am finding myself all over the place at the moment.  I can't seem to stop crying and snapping at everyone. It has opened up some Issues for me and  I know I am not feeling right and hate being this way. My test results can't come back soon enough. I have to somehow try to unwind and pick myself up.

I used to enjoy listening to classical music with a glass of wine and a ciggy. It feels strange to think I don't smoke or drink now. They were always my little comforters. Any crisis and I would reach for a fag and/or a drink. It always seemed to take the edge of things. I don't have these feelings numbed anymore so It's a little harder to get over things. I have consumed enough cups of tea to fill a cafe!!.

I wanted to have a wonderful happy weekend where I could get more done in the house but, I don't have the energy or drive, basically, my get up and go, has got up and gone! lol.  I am quite secure and content In my jammies chilling out here, doing what I love best, talking to you all. I went on a wee mission to find the name of my favourite classical song, as I have loved It for years and never knew It's name. I will leave you  now with:

"O Mio Babbino Caro".

O mio babbino care,
Mi piace, e bello bello,
Vo andare in Porta Rossa
A comperar l anello!
Si,si ci voglio andare
e se l amassi indarno
andrei sui Ponte Vecchio
ma per buttaarmi in Arno!
Mi struggo e mi tormento!
O Dio, vorrei morir!
Babbo, pieta, pieta!
Babbo, pieta, pieta!


Oh my dear daddy
I love him, he is so handsome
I want to go to Porta Rossa
to buy the ring!
Yes, yes, I mean it
And if my love were in vain
I would go to Ponte Vecchio
and throw myself in the Arno!
I fret and suffer torments!
Oh God, I would rather die!
Daddy, have pity, have pity!
Daddy, have pity, have pity!

I hope you enjoyed It. Take care, Back soon. xx



lv2trnscrb said...

(((Pam))) so glad your hair turned out good; sorry about the bad news you heard and the sadness it has caused you, hugs to you and I think chilling in your jammies is a great way to spend today


cayasm said...

Sorry to hear your feeling down, and hope it passes soon, Thats the one thing I miss about smoking, just sometimes you need a fag and a glass of wine, glad the hair turned out ok and you haven't got a red I enjoyed the music thanks for sharing with us.

Take care


preciousone25 said...

Beautiful song!!  Glad your hair turned out nice!!  Doing mine AS we WRITE... LOL!!
Now WHEN do those tests results come back??  Please, Please keep us posted, know that you are in my prayers.... and keep a positive attitude, it REALLY does help!!


jjdolfin9 said...

I'm sorry you are down Pam.  I also gave up smoking and drinking wine and miss it but the health benefits made it worth the missing, I guess.  I loved the song.  It's rather hard to follow (the translation) but the melody and the singer were wonderful.  Thanks for sharing.  Enjoy your PJ day.
Hugs, Joyce

bhbner2him said...

For whatever it is worth, my prayers are with you.  -  Barbara

lanurseprn said...

Hi Pam,
I'm sorry you are so down. The song is beautiful! I loved it...thank you for sharing it. Just know that you are in my prayers and I'm sending you a great big hug.

mortonlake said...

pam love,  im  sorry  you  down.   been  there        often        and  if  you  need  to  cry  do so.  its  beneficial,it  helps  stress,  and  it makes  you  feel  better  after.          im  sorry you  got  problems,you  always   cheer me  up  with  your  comments.         lovely  song  by  the  way            and  red??   suits you         you  take  care,my  wishes  for  better days    happier  mort.   xxxxx   donald  n  jem  wave  a  wing     lol             wish  they  wouldnt  crap  all  over  my  door  step.       bless     welcome  is  wearing  thin  here  lol  xx

wwfbison said...

Sad to hear my sweet friend is feeling so low.  I am happy to hear your hair is pleasing to you though.  Yeah, we have our comforts but sadly most of them are bad for us.  I admire your committment to not smoking or drinking, that in it's own right is something to be most proud of.  Sending you good thoughts & Prayers for better days ahead.

breakaway1968 said...

Sorry your feeling so down!  BUT I am so very proud to hear that you gave up those bad habits :)  How proud you must be!  Hope your week has been better!

mleppard06 said...

sorry to hear you were feeling low i hope you are feeling better now. glad the hair turned out ok, bit of a rist dying it red in a newly painted white bathroom!! I'd probably get it everywhere without moving a muscle!!lol take care mrs t xx

jeadie05 said...

Would love to see a picture of your red hair ,good for you managing not to dye everything in the bath room lol ,Sorry you are down in the dumps I hope by now (Im all behind )you feel better ,and have good results back Jan xx