Saturday, 19 January 2008

Life Is A Rollercoaster

Today has been the quietest birthday I've ever had. Got a lovely big chocolate cake and some nice goodies and cards which were really appreciated.

On the down side, I've just not been able to enjoy it. It's been a rather awful week.  I went back to the doc's and got more tests done yesterday. Weight has ballooned to a scary degree. I told the doc that I have thrown the towel in, given up, can't take it any more. I explained I was struggling to breathe let alone walk! Not me at all. This bad boy liver of mine needs beaten with a stick! lol. I have to laugh cos my emotions are all  over the place and I cry constantly for no reason.            

The doc was good. There had been a problem with my thyroid still being way too underactive, so he has upped the dose. He is a good man and I think he understood that I was at the end of my tether. To have gone up 4 and a half stone was a shock in itself, It's just so desperately uncomfortable!

I was given more tablets to take, making that a total of 4 a day from now on! Hmmm. On a positive note I was receiving a couple of birthday calls earlier when one turned out to be a lady from the hospital!!! and I am booked in for this coming Tuesday


Funny to be having a cup of cocoa to celebrate my day with!! lol.and of course another slice of cake! lol. Sorry for being a wee whingy pants but I thought I should "update". I have enjoyed going round the journals leaving comments and will continue to do so, even If I don't post. I will probably look for something funny to put on again until things start getting better. I hope you are all having a great weekend so far.

Take Care Back Soon  xx                                                                      




momiscool2 said...

Happy Birthday Pam (I'm a new reader!) I'll keep you in my prayers!!!


andrewfrnd said...

Important things first-Happy Birthday xxx
As for the rest dont worry----yes its easier said than done I know. You can imagine what my thoughts were when I was diagnosed with cancer but 11 years later I am sitting here free from it, you just have to trust the doctors and especially those angels-nurses. My thoughts are with you
Andy xxx

cayasm said...

Happy Birthday!
sorry to hear your still not up to par, but hopefully when all the tests are finalised something can be done. Putting on weight like tha is horrid I put on two and a half stone last year because I gave up smoking still finding it hard to shift, and with my blood pressure so high, just feel crap most of the time lol.

Choclate cake sounds good, and your not being a "whingy pants", at all, and it helps getting it all out in the open then its not so scary.

Enjoy Sunday

shrbrisc said...

Happy Birthday Pam and I will keep you in my prayers ... ummm cake lol

jeanno43 said...

Did not know it was your Birthday. Happy Birthday to you.
Glad you do not have to wait for your appointment too long.  Cocoa and a slice of cake?   Oh dear!  Not good if you have a weight problem.

astoriasand said...

Hi Pam I wish I had known it was your birthday I would have sent you a card,had I known your address..I am sorry you are having so many probs.I too am with AOL disconnecting me all the time.Grrrrrrrr ...Something to do with the new changeovers they are making.So if I miss commenting you will know the reason why.I hope you soon get sorted and soon feel better.I understand the feeling low business, I go through it plenty.Look after yourself,you are  in my prayers.Feel free to e. mail me if you like.I do not like chat LOL!! Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand A very "Happy Birthday " and many more of them. astoriasand

carolelainedodd said...

Happy birthday Pam.  I wish I had known, I'd have sent you a card.
Ohhh Chocolate cake.
Sorry to hear you are feeling so down. I hope you feel better soon.  It's a good job your appointment has come through and I hope everything goes OK.
Don't ever give up trying to lose weight. Every little bit helps.
You take care now.
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Hugs to you
Carol and Adamxx
ps Gave Adam your message.  He thought you were very funny.  

kirkbyj05 said...

If you can't eat chocolate cake on your birthday when can you eat it?   Just you go for it Pam.  You deserve a wee treat to cheer yourself up.  I have read back through your entries and you have been having a worrying time.  I hope the hospital is able to give you a positive diagnosis.  I will be thinking of you until I hear from you again.  Good luck and all the best.
                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Much love and good wishes.
Jeanie  xxx

lv2trnscrb said...

happy birthday, Pam!! Love the chocolate cake!! Yum!! Hang in there with the thyroid, its amazing one "little" gland can cause our whole body to get out of whack; glad the doctor is working on that and your other medical problems going on; hoping things get resolved quickly in that regard


kellwitch said...

Happy Birthday to you! Keep yourself busy. Will be thinking of you... and looking forward to your entries.

martygord said...

Hi Pam,
Happy Birthday!  It sounds like you've indeed had an awful week but Birthdays are Birthdays regardless and they should be filled with chocolate cake and all the good things in life.  Hang in there ... I'm sending some positive vibes your way from California.

wwfbison said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!  Don't think you are a whiney pants....I, (we) want to know what is going on with you.  I'm so sorry you have to go through this ~ you are in my thoughts and I will be Praying for good results for you.  I'm sure your nerves are getting the best of you which leads to the, I wish I could make it better for you.

preciousone25 said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!  Happy Birthday to YOU!!!  Happy BIRTHDAY to Paaaammm!!!!   Happy Birthday to YOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope things are looking up for you soon!!


libragem007 said...

Happy Birthday!

Sending hugs your way,
Gem :-)

rdautumnsage said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! I never thought you were whiney. You have a lot on your plate that would create a load of stress for anyone. Above all your human....I would rather you wrote an entry complained, cried and got it out of your system. You shouldn't have to hold it all in and worry about keeping our spirits up when your under the weather. I love your fun post too, but I won't stop coming by when you need to have friends rallying around you just because your upset. In the end it makes you real. No one is happy all the time. We understand more than you realize. Keep your chin up hon and enjoy being you for another wonderful year. (Hugs) Indigo

bhbner2him said...

Ooopps!  Sorry I missed you birthday.  That's me, a day late and a dollar short.  Glad you have a doctor that listens to you!  Keeping you in prayer.  -  Barbara

jmoqueen said...

Happy belated birthday Pammels :o)  I'm sorry your not having a very good time of it at the moment and don't worry about posting.  You can only do what you can do and we all understand.  Just know that we are here should you need us for anything xx


topazscorpio27 said...

Happy Birthday!! -Dawn-

lifes2odd said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear things haven't been going so well.

plieck30 said...

Thanks for your comment after my illness. That was very kind of you. Happy belated birthday and feel better soon. Paula

jeadie05 said...

Happy Birthday ,Am I too late ,ah well better late than never ,feel better soon Jan xx

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Happy belated birthday!


acoward15 said...

Cake rights so many wrongs!