Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year


That's the first picture I have added to one of my stories lol! I am going to try and brighten up my pages from now on. Well folks, 2008 eh? I wonder what joys will bestow us this year! As long as we have our health, then that's the main thing, Family, including my 3 little darling cats are of course a very close second.

We all spent an amazing night last night doing our own individual thing in the run up to midnight. My other half was chatting away online, My wee treasure was watching dvd's in her room and I was singing my wee heart out to the singstar discs in the livingroom. Fot those of you who don't know what singstar is, It's basically karaoke with the object of the game being to earn the highest score and name, thus being "singstar"which I happily achieved a few times! lol

My wee treasure and I had made up some lovely party food and set it all out in the kitchen in case we had visitors. We also got tucked in! lol. I paced myself with alcohol, sticking only to bacardi and loads of diet coke.

My eldest Sister, Nephew and Niece arrived around 10ish and we all had a great time singing, while my other half entertained us on the guitar, which I must say, was extremely impressive! We all gathered in a circle and joined hands at 12 for a heart warming rendition of Auld lang Syne. It was one of the best night's in a long time.

Today has been quiet, The dinner is cooking in the oven and the table will be set shortly, Only really two things to do now. One is to wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year and the second is to find a new name for Ginger cat! It was mentioned last night that "she" looked far too big to be a girl! I laughed as I insisted she was definately a girl until I said "Okay, I will double check" and G.Cat is now my little boy! lol.

I did wonder why my other male cat called Oscar was always being chased! and my wee girl Purdie was less than impressed! I just thought madam was trying to be the boss! Well "Madam" is now " Monsieur" and if anyone has any suggestions for a "wee boy's" name then please feel free to share! lol. Take Care. Back Soon. xx         


wwfbison said...

Your evening sounds just perfect to me, how nice to be in the company of family singing & having fun.  LOL about Ginger...my Buffy is a boy - I thought he was a she when he was a kitten but turned out not!  I kept the name anyway because he had a huge head, like a buffalo.  Happy 2008 to you!!

luddie343 said...

I'm on the way from across the pond lol!  This sounds so charming, so warm and sweet.  Good job w/the pix in the story, I still don't know how to get that right lol I'll be asking you for help!  Have a peaceful night with those you love.  CATHY

acoward15 said...

Happy New Year!

mandevans said...

Pam I used to have a cheeky little ginger cat and my flatmate at the time had a black cat, we were trying to be quirky and original so we called them 'Rover' and 'Fido'! They didn't seem to mind, lol. Feel free to steal either of these names if, like me, you are a bit weird!!! :o)

bhbner2him said...

Glad your New Year got off to a good start!  -  Barbara

mortonlake said...

 happy  new  year  pam,   may  2008  be  good  for    you            take  care  mort   xx

iggsy52 said...

Hi Pam ...new to your blog...very interesting.  I would like to suggest Marmaduke for your boy ...an old fashioned name for a marmalade cat ;0)  Happy New Year!  Iggsy from 40s.

andrewfrnd said...

Sounds like everybody had a good night, only one question though. What happened to my invite !!!
Happy New Year

Andy xxx

jmoqueen said...

Happy New Year to you and your family xx  Sounds like you had a good time and so wise to take it easy with the booze ;-)  Mmmmmmmmm........cats names for a boy how about Oscar?  Oliver?  Romeo?



preciousone25 said...

Sounds like you had a nice New Years Eve!!  Did you figure out a name for "Ginger" yet... LOL!!!  Good thing HE hasn't gotten used to the name, yet, right??


carolelainedodd said...

Sorry I haven't been around much lately.
But Wow.  You've changed so much.  Pictures are all great.
Very late I know.  Sorry.  But Happy New Year to you.
It sounds like you had a great time.
I have a ginger tom cat called Oliver.  And a pure black cat called Lucky.
Hope you find a name to fit him.
Hugs to you.