Friday, 4 January 2008

Team Spirit

Had an absolute nitemare journey home from work last night. We had been told there was a severe weather warning in place stating there would be a heavy snowfall. Yes! they were correct! lol. I left work and headed round to the bus stop and waited and waited for over an hour on the bus but even though I could no longer feel my feet, I was so grateful to be going home. I had heard that my town had been brought to a standstill with the traffic lights jammed on red and black Ice and huge tailbacks.

In the bus shelter I spoke to a young girl who had been waiting there an hour before me, poor wee soul. Another girl arrived and an older man who was an ex bus driver started putting us at ease saying there had to be at least one more bus still to arrive. there were very few tyre tracks on the road and enormous snowflakes almost blinding me. We all kept each other going and I reassured the younger girl not to panic as I had earlier won some cash on a scratch card that would cover a chippy! lol, she laughed but was so cold.

I felt part of a group as we all stuck together in the eerie silence looking out at the empty streets. I was secretly scared and very cold but I couldn't change It, so I had to just stay calm and wait. Three buses appeared all going the other way. I thought the wee girl was going to cry so I offered to persuade the next bus to change the name to our destination and pay the ex bus driver to take over! My heart skipped a beat when our bus finally showed. Our spirits lifted.

I did everything but kiss the driver. We were all sighing relief when my happiness was short lived, he decided to take off like a rocket, bearing in mind, we were on black Ice and couldn't see the road properly for the snow, he kept that up all the way home!. The ex bus driver who was sitting in front of me was lost for words also. I hid my eyes on several of the roads and over a bridge. Thankfully we arrived safely although I'm quite sure how. I bid farewell to the wee team and tried several taxi numbers before being successful. I arrived home at 7.40pm and got dried off, jammies on, something to eat then went to bed. Hope I never experience that again. Any wonder I need hair dye? lol. xx 


andrewfrnd said...

Thats normal for the bus drivers round here. There is even one that when he is driving his colleagues wait for the next one!
Andy xx

specialadyfink said...

Hurry Spring-I can't stand this cold .
So sorry you were frozen half to death...
Hope you never go through another time like that again...

preciousone25 said...

I hate taking the bus sometimes.... they scare me the way they drive.  Glad you all got home safely.


wwfbison said...

What an awful journey - sounds like the bus driver just wanted to get his shift over at all costs.  Glad you made it safely.

jmoqueen said...

Jeez what a nightmare journey at least you were there to brighten everyone's spirits though :o)


carolelainedodd said...

That sounds like a nightmare.  It makes me glad I don't have to rely on public transport. I thought all bus drivers drive like that any way.