Friday, 28 December 2007

"The Lift"

Woke up with a sore back today and had to come home from work early because of It. Karma calling I think! A lot easier now after paracetamol, hot cuppa's and plenty of Quality Street. Going to go for a hot bath in a bit. Decided to scrap my last entry as I didn't want reminded of my bad behaviour and also didn't feel worthy of comments. For those who did post... Thank You.  Decided to think of happier times. One in particular was a day on holiday a couple of years back.

There was a lot of my family there and one morning my nephew decided we should try "The Lift" from Dirty Dancing! Hmmm. A challenge, If ever I heard one! Best place we both agreed on was In the pool. Pity It was the afternoon and a good few people were soaking up the sunshine, enjoying the peace. Well, not for long! lol. We tried and tried and even with the whole gravity thing supposedly making It easier, It just wasn't working, I flew to the sides and crashed under the water and that was when I was lucky enough to get In the air! Holding the ballerina come aeroplane pose was almost impossible.

Every time he tried to lift me, I squealed as I felt his thumbs going through my ribs! and we couldn't stop laughing. I didn't remember Baby and Johnny having so much bother!  Gosh when I think of those poor people spectating, not the prettiest of sights!  I do know, that I can't remember the last time I laughed so much and whenever I remember back, It makes me smile. It was a very funny thing to do In a pool. The next time you go swimming, give It a go and see If you can manage It. If nothing else, you are sure to get a good laugh. Right on that fine note, I'm off for my nice relaxing bath now. Take Care. Back Soon. xx



wwfbison said...

Now that is when someone should have been taping the sounds like a lot of fun, I can easily see why you smile thinking about it.  I bet it was amusing to watch as well.  Mom & I always try to our synchronized swimming routine, ha, all we end up doing is kicking each other!  Fun entry, you brought back good times for me as well.

wwfbison said...

Ooops, I forgot, I hope your back starts feeling better soon.

bhbner2him said...

I haven't given a thought to Dirty Dancing in quite some time.  May have to try your suggestion this next summer.  Although I am not sure who would be game to try to lift me.  I can just imagine the looks I'd get from Pete or Bubba if I suggested it!  -  BArbara

carolelainedodd said...

I loved the film Dirty Dancing and we still watch it.  They did make it look easy though didn't they.!!!
Hope the bath helped your back.  A hot bath always helps my husbands back.
Take care

jeanno43 said...

Nobody could lift me over the head, it would take a crane lol.  I can imagine how funny it was though.  Happy New Year!