Saturday, 8 December 2007

Ginger Cat

Saturday night and feeling good! Well hello my lovely darlings. Hard to believe I'm on 7.5% wine! lol. Had fabulous feedback from Rosebud and we have been texting back and forth our opinions on the XFactor. Semi final night and we're gripped. Saw snow falling outside the window earlier so had to make sure we had our "foster" cat indoors! Well! The person who owns her, couldn't care less whether she is alive or dead, so, as far as I'm concerned, she is welcome in this house, whenever she wants. She has her own bed.......(the end of ours) lol and she isn't any bother, she has stayed here for four months and been elsewhere for four nights during that time.

Ginger Cat is her name and she is very much a part of our family. She fits in just fine here as she loves her food! Hmm. The Daddy of the house took a lot of persuading as he insisted she lived along the road and wasn't our responsibility which, was true to a point. Except her owners have proved time and time again, that they are totally irresponsible as pet owners, as I have discovered, so rather than reporting them for being negligent, Ginger Cat stays here every night and has a fabulous meal, every day along with fresh water.

The wee lamb was so adoreable  tonight, as she had obviously never seen a Christmas Tree or decorations before, by her reaction. I swallowed the lump in my throat and  had to reassure her, it was okay. She did a very slow dance towards the tree and sniffed the decorations very warily.she lay down on the top of the t.v. and started to chew the red garland that was laid there. Awwww my poor baby. We assured her it was all cool. She is now cosied up cuddling in to the back of my wee treasure.

So glad that this is now the weekend. No hassles, No stress, Yeahhh, It's Fabulous and I'm feeling contented. Waheyyyy. lol. Fingers crossed for tonight's lottery. Roll on the time I can own my own cattery and take care of all the strays that need a happy, cosy home.The Mama is waiting. xxx


wwfbison said...

I heard about you through Guido and this entry caught my attention.  I have a cattery for strays & rescues ~ drop by sometime, each Tuesday I highlight one of the gang.  I am so happy Ginger found a good loving home - you sound like my kind of person!

mortonlake said...

so         you  are  a  cat  lover????           then  you  just  gone  up  several  places  in  my  book.    i  had  same  as  you, "fostered  "     2  lol                  now  both  sadly  dead.  also  got  the  cutest  stray,pretty  wild      wont  let me  near  him                      but   he does love  his   food.    cant  do  any  more  than  that               you  take care  pam               mort  xxx