Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Getting Cosy!

Firstly, can I just say a very big Thank You to everybody that left a comment or email message for me. I almost keeled over when I saw how many I had. For one horrible moment I thought, while under the Influence, I had struck up some kind of deal with guido trying to make it big, in my bid for fame and success!  lol.  Alas, that was not the case, considering I stumbled on guido's page by pure accident, I was just lucky enough to be on the right page at the right time! lol and boy! am I glad I did!. There will be a rather large glass of either Brandy and Lemonade or Bacardi and Diet Coke raised in the air towards you all on Christmas morning lol. 

Decided to miss the usual Christmas Tipple last year until way after dinner! Hmmmm. What a silly move! lol. I was too stuffed and exhausted to lift the glass let alone attempt to take part in the usual Christmas day extremely competitive games, quizzes and sing-a-longs! For, there only being 3 of us, It's amazing how much noise we can muster up! lol Bet the neighbours loved the peace last year! Well this year, It will be back to normal! lol. Dinner will be on the table for no later than 2pm. I will just make sure my glass comes with me when I have my usual bath in the morning along with choccies and bath goodies. Awww. I think I just got a twinge of excitement.

For some reason, It hasn't  felt very Christmassy this year. I don't know If anyone else has noticed this? or Is It maybe just me? What I do know though, Is how absolutely freezing It Is!. I took ages to heat up last night. I was wrapped up  In 4 layers aswell and still couldn't get warm. Can't believe that earlier today, I agreed to have a test run for our Christmas Dinner..... lol bought a huge stuffed Pork Roast, Roast Tatties, Carrots and yorkshire puddings! Tasted amazing on Sunday!! lol  Now, can you all tell we love our food here? lol.

I have the cheek to grumble about being a lot heavier than usual! Well, Hmmm, I wonder why! lol. Och, If the truth be known, This Is the one  time of year that  everyone should be having big hot meals and be all cosied up with the fire on doing something they love! Ooeer! within reason of course! lol  Must go just now and refill my cup of tea and check the oven. Back Soon. xx  


aniracj said...

I agree, it is definitely feeling very un-christmaslike!!!! Perhaps it is to do with the pure commecialism of it now........we have had christmas rammed down our throats in this neck of the woods since October!!!And no doubt it will be easter in january!!! Have just bought a large tin of roses so the diet will be on hold till January.....damn it that is when the easter eggs will be on sale, lol!!!

jeanno43 said...

I feel the same, despite the decorations being up and many people having lights outside their houses there seems to be something missing this year.  Cannot put my finger on it. Whether it is because Christmas comes in the middle of the week or whether it has come upon us suddenly (only seems five minutes since summer) I really do not know.  But there certainly does not seem to be much Christmas cheer around.


kirkbyj05 said...

Well it seems like Christmas to me...especially this morning when I got a lovely hand made card of a Christmas tree from my little grandsons in the post.
It had foil butterflies and sparkly bobbles on it and multicoloured sequences.  It fair put me in the spirit of Christmas to see their loving efforts just for grandma and granddad.  I expect its because I am expecting my other granchildren to stay over Christmas too.  I am revving up as far as excitement goes.  I can't drink much but I will hold a glass up to you on Christmas day and wish you 'All the very best!'
There's nothing wrong with enjoying grub...especially roast pork and all the trimmings!   Yum!
Jeanie  xxx

andrewfrnd said...

Blimey 20 comments on yoir last entry, dont think I have ever managed more than 10! Your dinner sounds absolutely gorgeous which means I have to ask you one question, and that is what time are you dishing up?


carolelainedodd said...

I don't think it feels very Christmassy at the moment.  I think a lot of people feel the same.
Dinner sounds lovely.  We will all be "slightly" heavier after Christmas day.

wwfbison said...

It is only starting to feel a little like Christmas for me right now - it seems to have just happened this year.  You are so funny, I so enjoy how your write!!  I am enjoying your entries.