Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Almost Kidnapped! lol

I was reminded earlier of this wee incident from the past, so I thought It only fair that I share it with you all. Possibly not one of my better Ideas!. Now, lol, try and not judge too much, please bear in mind....I'd had a few, and thought I was doing the right thing!

After a rather hectic time at work a while back, I agreed to go to a wee party afterwards to unwind and have a wee dram. Hmmm. Around 4.30am when things were in full swing...In otherwards I'd just finished doing the dishes and giving out my usual lecture on steeping pots, I was ushered out the kitchen and and into the livingroom where people were singing and dancing and some even sleeping, I was handed a rather large glass and plonked next to my wonderfully gay friend who began to tell me a story I kind of wished he hadn't!

He started off telling me about his neighbour's dog who was being very badly treated. He told how the owners shouted, smacked and beat the poor thing with a stick and locked it in the shed. He said the welfare people had called but nothing happened. Wrong thing to tell me at the best of times but after booze?. Oh dear. We had another few drinks and talked more. We hatched a plan. Kidnap was the only way. We decided that the dog would be far better off with me and as for my other half? well, he would just have to get used to it, As for the cats? them too. We covered all options really.

The taxi was called. The rain was battering down outside and we told the other partygoers we were just popping out and would be back in a bit! We asked the taxi driver If we could bring a dog back in his taxi and with a puzzled look he said yes and we got his card! lol Goodness knows what he must have thought! We arrived at the house in question and crept behind the style in the garden. We only had one umbrella and the rain was horrendous. The ground was so muddy and slippy. Oh! I shudder, thinking back.

We were whispering about how I would be the best person to tiptoe to the shed to release the dog. I could hear giggling as I crept towards the shed. I shooshed him and felt I was starring in an episode of Cagney and Lacey!  Damn it! The shed was locked as I pulled at the door. I did several kissy noises making certain there was no pet inside!.

We hadn't planned for that!. So the only other reasonable, next manoevre was, of course, to go and ring the bell and ask If the dog was being kept in the shed and If it was being badly treated and lastly to ask If they wanted to keep It, as I could take it home there and then!. Oh dear god! I can't believe I did it!. My friend was past hysterical hiding In the bushes under the umbrella, as I slid across the mud and rang the doorbell

To my absolute horror, one of those really loud musical doorbells echoed round the whole street and lights started going on everywhere. I felt slightly uneasy but the drink gave me courage and  I stood my ground, I was on a mission to save an abused defenseless animal. As a very awkward conversation took place with the owner, The woman answered my questions. She said the dog was sleeping in the kitchen and nervously said nobody hit it. When I asked if she wanted me to take it home, she hesitated then said no, It was okay!

I said "Right then!" I will be off now but If I hear of anything bad happening to that dog like it being locked in the shed or hit with a stick ever again, I will be back!. I asked her If she understood and she said "Yes" I said "goodnight" and walked away in the opposite direction of the house and my friend in the bushes. Once her lights went off, My friend ran round the corner to where I was. It took him a while to get himself together. I was soaking, but even though I was pretty well oiled with booze, I felt a small sense of relief that hopefully I had put the wind up her a bit. Lol. Awww The Good Old Day's!

We got our taxi back to the party and had another couple of wee dram's to get over the trauma of it all.  My friend said he never once heard the dog being hit or locked in the shed after that! which has continued to this day.It turned out to be a fantastic result!  Drastic measures, I know, but hey, Everything Is meant for a reason! lol xx


carolelainedodd said...

A good result. 'Nough said. I think you could sort out the whole country!!!:)
Take care

meigle25 said...

Hi Pam, Even without a few u'd still b storming doon the road.lol. It was a pleasure to meet ginger-cat, so calm after meeting Oscar & so friendly after Princess Purdie. Knowing you you'll be in the christmas spirit by this wkend (all your family will be over to visit)lol lots. L-A x

kirkbyj05 said...

You brave animal defender you! I'm so glad you helped that poor dog.
That certainly wasn't a Mission Impossible for you.  Well done!

Jeanie  xxx

jimandsheilar said...

BRILLIANT> Laughed my socks off and will be back to catch up with your less than ordinary life. Jfinris xx

specialadyfink said...

very funny story-I just hope you actually went to the right house,LOL

wwfbison said...

I love this story...it took some guts to ring her bell and ask her forth right!  I know many of men who wouldn't have the guts to do that.  Cheers to you!!!   And it seems a happy ending for the dog as well.  Good job!

kellwitch said...

Funny story. I love that liquid courage, don't you?! I hope that dog has continued better treatment!