Tuesday, 4 December 2007

My Rosebud.

Tuesday again, this could be the new Saturday for me! lol back in my fav seat with the soothing tones of Mr Buble, making me shake my face, while pouting to his jazzy rhythmns. Had a pretty usual day at work, glad to get home and get all cosy comfy here. I spent the whole journey home on the bus remembering some pretty random stuff from the past, so Instead of whining about the weather or waffling the same old weekly nonsense, I decided I would take a trip down memory lane and share a few stories.

My sister who we shall call "Rosebud" is 2 years older than me, she couldn't be more different in so many ways, for example: She is tall, I'm a pixie. She is thin,  I'm whalelike, She has beautiful hair, I look like an African Bushwoman. You get the general just here? lol, well, we are the closest in age out of all the sisters and we had our fair share of battles when growing up. I possibly won't be forgiven or could even be battered for mentioning some of those, but what the heck! Life is far too short.( she says, looking out her passport and case! lol )

I remember the two of us, sliding down the stairs inside sleeping bags, sitting on bed pillows. On one occassion, madam pushed me from the top of the stairs, deliberately, so I faked death at the bottom, a very brave move on my part, as there was the inevitability of a good old fashioned beating when I was rumbled. I kept it up for ages, lying as still as possible while tears dripped on my face and I could hear the wails of "Oh no" ," What have I done?" and  "I'm so sorry, "Please wake up".  When I braved it and opened my eyes laughing, I, took a rather severe beating!

Rosebud just loved to persuade me to climb on the handlebars of her bike and pedal like mad towards the biggest hill in our street. I remember screaming as the bike tore down hill and eventually crashed into the old stone causeway wall, as I flew over it at top speed! Ahhh the good old days! lol. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We got in all sorts of trouble, always blaming each other. An all time classic was an altercation after a saturday afternoon lunch.

We were sat at the table, just the two of us, always a recipe for disaster. Can't remember how it started exactly, but I do, however, remember reading the paper and being bugged to "look", when I lowered the paper, I got a spoonful of jam flicked in my face, followed by very loud laughter! so I threw food back and ran round the table several times being chased, when I ran out the front door, I pulled it shut behind me! oopsie! I heard her foot go through one of the several small panes of glass. My poor dad had got such a fright when he heard, as he thought we had smashed the two enormous glass patio doors! lol.

My all time favourite story involving us both, was one of my dear old Aunts. To put you in the picture, our Auntie Mabel had a very deep, husky and slow, extremely well spoken  voice. She was our poshest relative! It was around Teatime at my parents' when the phone rang and I answered to disgusting heavy breathing. I kept saying "Hello"? "Hello"? "Who is that"?. After no answer, I hung up. It rang again. The same thing happened. I said "Please stop phoning" "Thats disgusting" I told Rosebud, as I was upset and she reassured me it was okay, she said if the phone rang again, she would deal with it.

The phone rang 10 mins later and she twirled the phone lead round the door into the bathroom and said some very, very, bad and threatening words to my mystery dirty phonecaller. To our utter horror, the phone rang again and our mother answered it saying " Oh Hello Aunt Mabel" "Are you okay?" Apparently she was pretty shaken up after phoning a "wrong number" and getting loads of abuse!! Oopsie!  Aww Rosebud, we had a lot of fun.

We topped and tailed for years, I miss that sometimes,especially, If I feel really sad, even now, at 37! lol. It's hard to believe you will be 40 really soon and I wish you a very happy day. I Love you very much. Thanks for the laughs and for being my big sis. xxxxxxxx      


andrewfrnd said...

There are some advantages of being the youngest!

specialadyfink said...

I loved those tales  and especially ooopsie,ROFLMAO

kirkbyj05 said...

You certainly were a pair all right!  You must have roasted your mother and father's heart at times.  Memories...I remember my two children sliding down our stairs on a tea tray...sheesh!  They are about your ages now too.  They like to reminisce too...and the things I missed them doing as a mum??  Thank goodness I did! hahahaha!


jimandsheilar said...

my God, I remember you two hammering ten bells out of each other! You with your huge innocent brown eyes and angelic smile and Rosebud with her firey temper and enormous kind heart. It was interesting having you as little sisters and is still interesting today. Loyal, funny, slightly nutty and always there when needed. xx

cvgflydis said...

I had to laugh, at the sleeping bag incident. My youngest (almost 5) came to me yesterday, asking for, 4 pieces of tape......so he could tape a swimming pool float to the stairs, in order to use it as a slide. (As if, 4 pieces of tape would have held it).......
Thanks for sharing that. Not only did you remind me of yesterday, but of years gone, with my own little brother. I may have to add an entry sometime, about those years. LOL