Thursday, 9 August 2007

A Wee Dram Is Looming Closer!

Monday's chicken and it all went by rather quickly. The holiday staff had returned which meant the pressure was off, or in otherwards... I could go out at  lunchtime and browse the shelves in the nearest shop to see what what was missing from the cupboards or fridge at home!  Decided against mr motivator before breakfast  as my body felt like it had been put through a mangle.
Here i am Tuesday night ready for The Tuesday night ritual... The cuppa gets made now  at 8.30pm in time for c.s.i. at 9pm. Horatio and Grissom are always welcome in my livingroom. I've just had the usual bang on the wall to indicate "cuppa" time, but tonight i changed it slightly by saying "get stuffed" make me one as im busy writing. Thats made me smile, just call it payback for making me walk for miles in the woods! I must now, however, go and get myself comfy. sleep well be back soon. nite xx   
Hmmm Its now Saturday night. I think im gonna make this a saturday night thing. Cavatina playing in the background and a wee dram to warm the cockles! Okay, so I  gave in and got a wee half bottle of bacardi. It was bought for me as i kinda emphasised how much i was longing for one and how long it had been since i'd had one.
Anyway this was my fourth or fith glass with ice and diet coke and it was amazing. Would be better if there was a lamp that worked in this bedroom but the black dark made the screen very bright. Iv picked the "mellow tunes" folder so who knows what will unearth itself on that. Oh it would seem to be "you take my breath away" . A wee sip and some thoughts of the week gone by.
Can't believe that time is sprinting away from me. I have one very funny story from the past week. Well I found it funny! lol
 My wee treasure recieved a card through the post that stated the postman was unableto post a "packet" so this had to be picked up from the post office. well, this turned out to be a torturous experience for me as she wasn't that bothered about the whole thing and couldn't have cared less about this mystery parcel or Packet as she kept correcting me! I reiterrated that someone had gone out of there way to make an effort to send her this and she should want to go and collect it as soon as she could, but being the lovely independant individual she was, or rather the stubborn lazy wee monkey....she shrugged the whole thing of as unimportant.
Arghhh I wanted to know what it was and it was bugging the life out of me! I worked twice as hard, almost pleading, what if someone had spent ages? what if it was a dvd? I tried it all. and in the end... Yes.....result. It was arranged for her and her friend to head down the next day to collect her impending present from the post office.The next I knew was a phonecall from her father with laughter in his voice..."guess what it was"? was the question. "i dunno" was the honest reply.. Totally intrigued....Im laughing now telling you,
It was her S1 report from the school! lol they had posted it. I heard a familiar voice in the backgound shouting..."Its not funny"! Well it made me laugh all day. karma. what a funny story I thought to myself. Needless to say the endless sarcastic comments and constant teasing lasted ages!
Embrace.. gravity. Always makes me reach for my glass. I first heard this song online when it was sent to me. I've loved it ever since. Its rather magical. It has so much sadness and yet so much hope attached to it. yip, im getting smashed! At least tonight im in control. im definately not going out dancing! the local club is safe. I was a bit gutted to notice last time i felt my familiar buddies were rather "off" with me.
 I try not to take things personally but sometimes its easier said than done. Let's blame the age.
fleetwood mac, albatross playing now, wonder ifi need to find happier music? the albatross is my favourite bird cos i watched a documentary once and it said that the albatross stayed with its mate for life to raise their babies. awww how sweet. It was my favourite since hearing that. I wanted to pat "his" head lovingly and say "well done mate"
Im approaching the stage of feeling like the worlds greatest singer!!!!! yip possibly one bacardi too many, as i join in with eva cassidy.. songbird. much to my neighbours horror. maybe they should have a wee dram and they would hear what i hear? just a thought.! keane. I have to meet these boys one day. their music just appears at the right time. somewhere only we know. My back garden would be good.
I've attached headphones to this pc and apart from almost strangling myself and struggling to hear it, I can't stand those solid bits of plastic in my ears! so... "sorry neighbours".. Its not that loud, just, there.
 mmm underneath my clothes! lol well not literally.. oh god yuk! I meant the flippin song.. shakira the wee foxy slim blonde. another sip. I tried to go a couple of shades lighter with my hair dye today. Failed miserably. Spent half an hour  with my growly other half pacing back and forth like scar from the lion king in the shop saying the infamous words "you ready yet"? ARGHHHHH no bloody NO. maybe a tad pre-menstrual but this was as serious as choosing a new car or business to buy.
You had to get the flaming colour right. I explained as best as i could that it wasn't wise to rush me as i didn't have a friend to guide me,so to please be patient and go outside and smoke a cigarette and wait for me, however, that's exactly what happened he went; and I found myself picking up box after box stressing about whether my now almost copper coloured hair would go a worse shade or not and when he wandered back in growling "C'mon" again, I chose the nearest bloody thing to me! growling back "if this doesn't work, then it's your fault"! Talk about passing the buck.
I slapped the colour on and prayed it would be okay,Secretly and inwardly hoping it would be a fabulous shade of slinky blonde!  It was "that okay" that they pair said they hardly noticed a change. hmmm I shook my head. and took a large breath as i grimaced. "forget it" i told myself. "whats the point"? my nails were long and that was a high since I've always been a biter and everything else was a low.
It was okay though cos surely i wasnt the only "saddo" sitting here on my own on a saturday night holding on to my dreams...The big house.. well, mansion, the husband... which involves the wedding... oh the luxurious wedding.... running through the rain and being spun round and kissed ever so passionately,
Ahhhh bisto! then the nice car, nothing too fancy just something that wouldn't need pushed to start it. God what a dreamer! what else....? hands clasped an air of excitement was rushing through me as nina simone sang "my baby just cares for me" what else? house, car, wedding, peace of flipping mind. and a normal figure were right up there on the wish list!
Feeling the tyres round my waist, all 2 of them could go as spares for the new car. How ironic... the song playing now?...this is a mans world!.. time for a refill.
Amy winehouse doing a fabulous version of "will you still love me tomorrow" Im not getting into the whole amy and drink thing. thats her life and none of my bees wax. I will say one thing however, this is a wicked and magical version of this song. Maybe she should take some quiet time and sit down and chill to it. Well it had to be said, she may be a superstar but I'm a worrier and she has no right to worry me about "her" bad living! bad lady! lol The song has depth. brave choice to go so high, yet she pulls it off remarkably,
God,  I've turned into simon cowell! och that's not so bad as i kinda admire simon. he is gutsy, and there has been many a night iv agreed with him on his judging. other occassions iv found myself screaming at the telly obscenities. lol another sip time.
I'm pouring "normal" measures tonight and filling my glass right up  and im adding ice! Had thoughts this week of what  I could invent to make me rich? that will be erm...nothing then! lol or famous? hmmm nope. just for reassurance im listening to amy    you know im no good!  yeah i soooo do! lol thats why im not in my mansion or running in the rain or in my car that doesnt need pushed.
I'm still here, on a saturday night, jimmy no pals with my bevvy and music, clacking away on the pc! best of it is, im not even online able to chat to my "cyber pals" as iv another 8 days to wait til i get reconnected and upload my innermost thoughts! which reminds me, if anybody mentions the word "Habbo" to me  i will personally scream. It costs loadsa money, and is the reason i got cut off!
hmmm after 3 months without the internet and still paying for it im ready to go back on and say hello to my favourite room. I feel like iv been in jail. awww dionne warwick is serenading me now.... thats what friends are for! lol its a sign. another sip. oh how i wish it was during the day right now as id turn the volume up really loud and sing at the top of my voice.
My dad is a music lover and my mum also. my dad can write a song as if he is writing a wee shopping list! Its quite bizarre. my mum has a beautiful voice. why do i feel like all the songs that have ever been written were "so easy" that  i could do that! yeah, whatever, if i did that, then i'd be in my mansion. Another sip.
Stevie Nicks. if anyone falls. fabulous. Isn't it funny how when we have no reaction to a song we look for one? In otherwards if we feel blue then we will go out of our way to find a song that is gonna produce tears or sadness and if we feel the opposite then we look for that! what strange little beings we are! awww my fav is on next. i just had a wee peek. tears for affairs. I will be transported to a beach any moment. superb!
There she blows! wicked. lol found something new... try it... im singing into my glass and the tone and echo are great! lol. waheyyyyyyyyyy. Its like having your own mic. or.... It could be that I'm more smashed than i reckon. god i hope not as i will be so ill tomorrow then im back to work! arghhhh.
Okay time for the last drink of the evening. god i feel like a d.j. saying this. Don't have to worry too much tho as I have the sunday breakfast under control. bacon, eggs, sausages, rolls, and mushrooms mmmm can't wait. edging up the volume in my excitement  at the thought of yummy sunday brekkie, I listened to anne murray... snowbird, now barry white... the man himself.. now what a voice has "our barry"  or rather "my barry" id have barry white singing to me every min of every day if only that was possible. what a voice!
mmmm im making a kissy pursing of my mouth expression towards the screen cos i love my barry so much. i feel like the nodding dog in all the car adverts. got my eyes closed and singing now fairly loud. oh yes.
I rub my hands gleefully. that was good fun. lol sharp intake of breath.... now iv had the time of my life...... rocking from side to side baby. singing into the glass.
and taking a sip! "your the one thing i cant get enough of!"  hey baby oh yeah!
I don't feel afraid of the future quite as much now. c'mon everyone... sing into your glass lol. good grief i feel like im on the stage! How scary! Now i know how my friend darrien felt on that Strictly Dance Fever  program.! well he won cos he is a superstar! him and holly made me so proud,
He was destined to be a star. he worked so hard and was so determined. I crossed my fingers and toes hoping that all his dreams came true. One day hopefully soon, I will give him a huge cuddle cause he is my wee lambchop. I must think now of retiring as my eyes are playing tricks on me and i need beddy bies. so i will wish you all well and catch u all soon. sleep well my lambs. xxxxx

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