Sunday, 12 August 2007

Sunday's Fat Breed! lol

Sunday Morning, I did it! I feel very proud of myself as I stayed home last night after my bottle of wine aswell! lol  Got up at 9am, thats a total lie-in compared to 7 or 7.30am decided to check if I had any comments left about my stories. When I squealed excitedly that I'd had a new comment posted, I began to silence pinky and perky who looked a little less interested than me to say the least,In fact they were staring at me like I'd gone totally mad! After I demanded that they listen, I read it out loud. My wonderful other half who always pays attention to me said "What"? "Did someone say your'e a Fat Breed"?   I shook my head quizically. "Erm,No,!" They said it was a "Fab Read". You see what I'm up against? lol

I got dressed and after much persuasion I headed to the shop with my "little treasure" who moaned constantly about not wanting to go in the first place as sunday was her day to take it easy!! and also she didn't want to hear any more about my stories as they won't get me anywhere and I am just wasting my time!! Hmmm the words Boarding and School were in my head at that point! So were Nails, Ears and Wall! 

I chose to ignore bratpants and reminded myself, it was just her age, I let her walk slightly ahead in case I felt too much of an urge to reach out and nip her!. I bought the usual Sunday paper, along with potato scones, and beans to go with the sausages, bacon, eggs and rolls which were bought in yesterday's shopping trip. Its a good thing i'm not obsessed with food! lol. I do like a cooked sunday brekkie though and a  rather large sunday dinner.

Having no hangover today is such a bonus, especially looking round this room and seeing the state of it! I must go and get that kettle on, read the paper then attempt to try and find the carpet. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Back Soon. xx


andrewfrnd said...

Mmm kids are little treasures when they want to be, normally when Easter sunday falls on a WednesdaY!

shauntanner said...

A fat breed is Ok , ish .... I sometimes get called a lot worse !