Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Sunday Morning!

Oopsie, I seem to have been very bad as this is now Thursday! Now let me explain, where do i start? hmmm I unfortunately went with the earlier idea on saturday evening of "going out"! I washed my hair, slapped on 3 quarter trousers, boots and a large mans shirt with a huge belt wrapped round my waist. I am cringing as i remember. I also slapped rather bright green eyeshadow on and more than likely had cheeks that resembled Aunt Sally! and lipstick like coco the clown. 

 Oh god why did i go?  I was lucky enough to remember my evening as i did a lot of dancing with an old work colleague, wonderfully gay and so pleased to be in his company, even tho he did insist on joining him for the usual "after shock" yuk" I hate that stuff..

Sunday morning at home after waking up naked, clothes strewn all over the house and the neighbours cat brought  in from the rain and  rehomed for the night, my head was banging like a huge bass drum. The words echoed round my head. "why did i go out"? I hated the guilt feeling in my tummy of "what did i do?" "what did i look like"? and "oh god was I out of order"? Id have to wait to be informed of the latter. for some strange reason unknown to mankind, I decided to cut the grass! there I was, as rough as a badgers bottom, feeling incredibly sick and unsteady and I chose to tackle the lawn mower and strimmer.  A proper punishment for a hangover.

 After 15 mins i looked around and wanted to stop, but couldn't cos it looked so bad! damn it id have to keep going, and thats exactly what i did. I moaned and grumbled all day and was only truly happy when i was all cosied up under the duvet feeling awful but reassuring myself i would soon be asleep and feel so much better tomorrow.

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shauntanner said...

Good for you ... going out is never a bad thing .... No harm in letting your hair down big style .
Being totally outrageous is even better when you pass 40 .... take it from me !
Very readable blog , enjoyed it .