Saturday, 11 August 2007

Going Blonde!

Saturday Again. Decided to try and get my stories, "Out There"! Hmmm The message Boards where I posted my plea's for people's opinion's were fab. The people in a couple of them were very kind. I have wine now. I know! I'm bad! I must tell myself over and over not to contemplate on going out! Not a good idea when A) I have nothing to wear in the old clothing department and B) I will make a total fool of myself and wake up in the morning feeling awful.

Went food shopping today and bought a Chicken in the bag, Roast potatoes and Yorkie Pudds for Sunday Dinner! so if there is the slightest whiff of a hangover, I can open the oven door and launch it in!.

I've also decided to keep today's particular version of events very short, as I looked back at my other entries, and thought "Where on earth have they come from"? lol I couldn't be bothered reading all that.! I did have a rather embarrassing but hilarious experience in the supermarket, I found myself in the hair dye section once again, I was staring at all the boxes marked "blonde" as I'd been reassured by a hairdresser, I could now go for Dark Blonde with the amount of pre-lightner my hair had recently had! yessssss I thought superb (again). It must surely work this time! Hmmmm,

Thats when I heard a familiar voice.."Oh no! not this again!" I started laughing uncontrollably as it was my other half glaring at me standing holding the trolley like some mad man posessed. He gave me a filthy look and walked away, which made me worse!.

I remembered the previous week when I'd taken an hour (or so he said) to choose a dark blonde hair dye! and No for the record, It hadn't worked. Well, today he left me looking like a right plum laughing my head off, bent over double in front of all the dye's. I think It was the Irony of the whole thing that made me laugh as much.That, and his expression!

I didn't take long choosing the shade as sooo many people were staring. I chose the "Dark Blonde that covers all grey one" and skuttled off. Needless to say I'm a paler shade of erm.... Gingery red! Hmmmm. Next time I'm gonna brave it and go for the "Total Blonde" one, the box that guarantees that if ur hair is the darkest shade ever, It will make you platinum! Oh god, That will be a fun experience and no doubt, be next week! lol. I will let you know. xxxx


happydancyfeet said...

well Pam, i just love reading your blog, and i hope you continue to post on the Gwd board.  Loved the comment about nailing ears to the wa' lol

julchester said...

Oh Pam, I left pre-lightener on too long once and went platinum, people were asking if I'd had a bad shock as I looked as if I'd gone all over grey overnight. Swines. lololololol

hugs julie xxx

amandageaves said...

Hi Pam

Have just added you to my favourites. I was in stitches, we are so alike !! Can`t believe you admit to hangovers and saying or doing the wrong thing when drunk lol. I just refuse to get up the next day and die in bed. Great blog, look forward to the next instalment.

Hugs and laughs
Amanda and the gang