Saturday, 11 August 2007


In contrast to last sunday, today has been a very domesticated one. My mother bought me a "Favourite Dog" apron and im sure its helped me get in the role of doing housey things, like dishes and washing. Don't think Im as large as I was, there is possibly the chance I lost a pound somewhere! The reason I know this, seeing as i threw my scales out?? I, can only assume is because i can bend down and stand up easier and don't feel like im 90!.

Its hard to believe I've been offline for 3 months. I went back on briefly earlier and didnt know where to start! decided to come back here to what i know. I had withdrawals not writing in here, bizarre, its turned into my confessional! lol. Aren't you the lucky ones? Thats why i decided to pop this on the net and make my millions! lol That last bit is especially for all the wonderfully beautiful publishers out there who want to sign me so bad!

 6.30pm, sunday and all i can think of is work in the morning. I must retrain my brain to focus on the time i have off, as opposed to the time I'm going to be back at my desk. Mrs Posh Pants on the telephone. I wonder how i still have my job sometimes, with the way  I tend to stray into chatty conversations with people! When i do though, It makes me smile, especially if , I am their only source of communication. At the end of the day, If i can have a conversation with someone and make them feel better or happy then I'm gonna give it my best shot. Life is far too serious these days, we need more humour.

I'm lucky in the sense that two of my work colleagues are completely stark raving mad and have the most entertaining, quick witted, humourous personalities, I have ever endured, they actually have me crying with laughter most day's. Its like travelling to and from work with the Paddy and Max from Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights , very funny guy's. They'd get paid a fortune if they were on the telly,It's rare in this day in age to have one person so happy at that time of day, let alone 2 of them.

I happened to mention I was going to include them in my story and was left in stitches at the conversations that followed between them both. They excitedly started planning on who was going to be who. They hadone of them playing the part of himself in "My blockbuster movie of my runaway successful Blog!", while the other one wanted to be played by Leo De'caprio.We get different accents and senarios on adaily basis in the car. It's the equivalent to a huge bar of chocolate! and that's saying 

I've requested  a dictaphone to record them in the car and dedicate a whole page to them so you all can understand why I no longer wear eyeliner or mascara to work in the morning. Shame you won't be able to hear the broad "Glasweigan" accents which get stronger and louder by the second or just as impressive, the "Goat" noises, which actually freaked me out first time round, as I had to check the back seat in the car! I feel so comfortable in their company, Its nice. Ahhh my wee lambs.

 I had plans for earlier on, like plucking my eyebrows and applying fake tan but ended up watching Supernanny or Emergency nanny or something like that, Anyway, and I was mesmerized at the way they were all popping their kids underneath big poster shaped naughty points on the wall's or in naughty corners in their homes! What? The word "What" kept on appearing at the front of my mind. and "Why"?.  The word, "Why" was there too, when these kids, were clearly biting chunks out their parents and siblings legs, lobbing toys though the windows, and throwing their dinner (plates included) on the floor and screaming.

Why were they not nailed to the wall by their ears? Surely that would be a good start? Oh sometimes I wander around feeling lonely that my "wee treasure" isn't a little lamb anymore and more like an agressive mountain lion, but after watching that programme, I'm glad I'm at the horrid almost teenage age and not at the little monster stage.I wouldn't have the energy for a start, and as for the "Naughty Point"? hmmm no thanks. Good Luck to them all, Pop round and borrow the hammer and nails anytime if it doesnt work!!.

Im hoping to not leave this so long next time before I continue on my quest for fame and fortune, The scratch cards have gone down to once a week, and I've not even checked Friday's Euro Millions! How could i be so careless? I could be worth millions right now! I'd certainly make a few changes if that was the case,

I'd be wearing a thicker dressing gown and cosier fluffy slippers for a start, there would be a proper awakening in the morning, no more chicken song Oh no! I'd have some, kind, friendly fantastic cook who was extremely pleasant, whispering my name saying "Pammy, Darling," "Here is your breakfast", in bed of course and a comfier chair to sit in when I type on here as Im glancing round at the four poster bed and chatting to "Edward" who would be bringing me bacardi right now, It would only be a small added extra.The cook and edward, that is!  Money wouldn't change me. Im far too grounded. Id just love the opportunity to prove it,

If however its not meant to be then life will continue here as usual. I must remember to change that chicken. I must go and fill that kettle and make a nice hot cup of earl grey tea. Shame I ate all the bourbons earlier! damn. Anyway sleep well, sweet dreams. back soon. xx

Re-set Alarm time to 7.30am, why? cos Im stupid. Did it make things easier having a wee extra lie in? erm... no, I had to run about like an idiot, firing bread in the toaster and pinging the switch on the kettle with the other hand. Hair almost reaching the ceiling I felt like Amy Winehouse, Well....a blown up with a bicycle pump version! lol Damn that chicken. I really have to sit down and change all the settings on that flaming mobile phone, I just  keep forgetting.

 Don't think there is anything to report back to base about  Monday or Tuesday as this is now wednesday evening and the neighbourhood kids are all launching themselves on the trampoline in the garden having a ball...At 8.55pm they should all be in their beds! hmmmm.In my day...I won't start! lol Time to get the garden emptied, the kettle on and that mars bar in the drawer with my name on it,  polished off. Will be back real soon xx

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