Thursday, 16 August 2007

Babysitting For Spike

Ahh I'm back at last! back doing what I love best, sitting here chillin. It's been a rough week. I took on the mad idea of "promoting" my journal! Hmmm will make a mental note not to put myself through that kind of stress again for a long time! lol  Too many technical things to do and remember. Thursday evening and I have peace and quiet in here for once, just me and the cats. I cringe as I remember back a couple of months ago when i agreed to look after my nephew's cat called spike.

He was identical to my black cat oscar, except for a small white patch under his chin. Awww the wee treasure or so I thought! hmmm. I remember the Friday he was leaving for his holiday vividly as he and his pal dropped by my work to show me his "baby" the little "sookie spike" was all over me and his "daddy" giving cuddles and kisses galore. What a little darling.I gave the usual reassurance that he would be absolutely fine and not to worry! They headed off to drop him at my home with all his bits and bobs until I got home from work.

I received a rather worrying text from my other half when I was on my way home stating that spike wasn't a very happy or sociable boy at all!. I brushed it off as him going to need time to settle in.At home I bent over behind the couch cooing "spikeyyyy" the hisses and growls were deafening. I recoiled at his unexpected reaction. Well this was to be the "norm" spike wasn't happy or friendly,He would pretend to want petted when he eventually surfaced from behind the couch, then in a flash spin round like demon cat and try and rip your nearest limb off!

I was now very alarmed as were we all, Oh, I thought this is only for 10 days,we can manage. I got several txts from his "daddy" and gave the usual.."he is fine" routine as i kept my distance from this very scary creature. The next day, Saturday I had bought a new tent and popped it up in the garden, well, i helped! lol At just before 9pm we all huddled in for a wee seat then back in to watch the movie for 9pm,thats when we noticed spike was nowhere to be found. Oh god I was frantic, we all searched everywhere, no sign. he had to have squeezed himself through and jumped out the barely open window.

I'm convinced that was spike's revenge at being left in a strange house.He had decided to leg it at the first opportunity. When I think back to the torturous 7 days that followed it brings it all back. I spent 4 hours outside shaking cat biccies walking the neighbourhood looking completely mad, shouting on him. Nothing. The next day, Sunday morning 6am, I was up and dressed out looking again shaking the box of biccies as quietly as I could.  This was to become a nightly occurrence with half the cats in the street wrapping their tails round my legs begging for the food. I put bowl upon bowl of food and water out every night, Got "missing" cat posters done and informed everyone I knew including my local shop about his plight.

Plight? My backside! There was a black cat who looked remarkably like him that was teasing me on a nightly basis. I had my routine down to a fine art, I'd leave the food and water on the doorstep and stand in the dark in my room peering through the blinds. When I spotted the "mystery" cat, who I had a sneaky feeling was him, start to eat the food, thats when i would open the window really slowly to get a better look..... nope, he was off. Damn it. I was left unsure every time. I contacted the vets and the Animal Rescue, In fact I did everything I could think of, including worry myself sick.

Then a breakthrough, I was outside restocking the dishes when I heard a familiar cry, It had to be him. A couple of day's before my nephew's return!!! he wandered over and started eating the food,I was stunned, I quickly made a grab for him and got him indoors. He was all lovey dovey for 3 mins then went psycho again. My nephew was delighted and was able to enjoy the last couple of days of his hols! I swear my nerves were shot through after that time. Never again. My nephew returned  and "sookie spike" was all over him!!! I informed him he had a really spoilt boy.he laughed and said "I know"! He torments me sometimes by asking if i want to look after him again! Hmmmm more chance of me losing 2 stone or growing 2ft than ever going through that again! lol  xx

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