Thursday, 12 June 2008

Weekly sentence #18

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Each Week Val will give you a set of six letters.  A sentence
must be made from these letters.  The letters today are:-STDIMS
An example of a sentence could be - Sardines taste delicious in mustard sauce  These letters MAY 
 NOT be re-arranged.

Here Is Mine: 
Student Tony Dressed In Molly's Stockings


specialadyfink said...

well he was a strange duck wasn't he?,LOL
Good sentence

mortonlake said...

had  sent out a search party  for you,  as i havent  seen you for ages.   good sentence hun        see  i get  teddies  now.   oh  well    as  you say hun        you  are  nearly  40          just  to remind you  lol,     seriously,i hope you are well hun   and life good for you,  you take care  my friend    lots of love  mort xxxxxx men in stockings,tut  i ask you          as  if.  xxxx    cor  these sussys  dont half cut in.

wwfbison said...

Tony sounds like he has some feddishs...LOL ~ good sentence!

shrbrisc said...

I know a matty like that lol great job

chat2missie said...

LOL!  I wouldn't want to see Tony in Molly's stockings!  Great sentence.

lv2trnscrb said...

LOL LOL!! this was cute!! wonder what Tony's mother thought of that!

great sentence, Pam; Good luck with it!

enjoy the day


valphish said...

LOL  Oh my... Take off those stockings, Tony!!  I have a brother-in-law named Tony that just visited me three days ago.  I am envisioning him in stockings.  It isn't pretty.  Thanks for playing and advertising again.  You are the BOMB!!!  Love you, honey!!  Love, Val xox

ma24179 said...

HAHA! Good one! -Missy

jmoqueen said...

Love those teddies at the top aren't they sweet :o)  Great sentence though hun x


shauntanner said...

hows about   Sexually transmitted disease is mighty scary !! Do I get a baaaard boy prize !