Friday, 20 June 2008

G & The Mouse

 Psst Mort.. you can see a bit of flesh!! lol. ;-)

Hello Everyone, I went to my Aquafit class and almost had a pink fit! lol. The teacher was off again but my friend calmly reminded me that we could just swim lengths! Doh! I just never thought of that, and was ready to leave! lol. Well, we spent the hour pushing ourselves and It felt good. I was shattered when I came out the pool and walked the good distance home, In the pouring rain! lol. I wouldn't have minded so much but I had just spent time and money drying my hair!!! lol. Grrr.

I found myself In brand new territory this morning, very, very early. I came face to face with G (my cat) for those of you who don't know me. I beckoned him to come In and luckily noticed that he had a mouse In his mouth so rather than shrieking at him, at that unearthly hour, I opened my bottle of water and threw It over him. Hmmm. Well, I tried, He ran, the water missed him and soaked mister man's bike and so It began, The game of cat and mouse at 4am!

I walked towards him and wanted to check In case the mouse was still alive but my bad boy had other Idea's! Each time I closed In, he picked It up and ran further along the path, dropping It In front of him to lie looking at me. I was In full view of all the neighbourhood houses as I loudly whispered for him to put that down and get In the house! lol. He scrunched up his face looked at his mouse, looked at me and growled really loudly!!! Oh! The cheek of It! I have never seen this dark orange side to him!!! lol.

So, of course, I did the only thing I could do, under the circumstances and I growled back!! lol. I only hope all my neighbours were sound asleep. I told him he was a bad boy. After 3 or 4 steps I looked round and he was creeping behind me only to drop It down when I turned his way and begin to chew! Yuk! Now, I know that cats eat mice etc, It is the equivalent to a tasty steak to them, but I prefer mine to eat their crunchy biccy's, with treat's like ham and tuna! lol. He has the cheek to come In each morning acting like he is starving!!

He Is fast asleep on my bed next to Oscar now. It's no wonder he Is growing on a daily basis!! I  had words with him earlier and we have an understanding now!!! lol. I will leave you now with a recent pic of my naughty boy!  You'd think that butter wouldn't melt! lol. ;-) Take care, Back Soon. xx



garnett109 said...

Only if you could find mouse flavored cat food

jeanno43 said...

Just had to laugh at your growling. Wish I had been around with a video camera.  He is so like our Leo lol

gitterdunna said...

What a beautiful cat. I don't know who your Oscar is but my two little doggies are names Oscar & Meyers. That is early in the morn to be chasing a cat & mouse:)...alice

cayasm said...

Thank god mine are house, but both mine are very naughty. Glad your keeping up with the Aquafit and feeling the benifit.

now no more

Take care


mortonlake said...

hmmmmmphhhhh      bit  is  right       ho  well       your  cat  is  as  awkward  as  mine        only  she  gets  rabbits            eats  their  heads  and  leaves   the  body  on  my  doorstep.    see?   this  the  kind  of  thing  you get  when  tags  arent  skimpy  enough  lol           you  brave  to  do aqua aerobics,  i had  to  do it  after  my  back  op.      hated  every  second.   dont  help i cant  swim.      take  care  pam.   i  wouldve  paid  good money  to  have  seen ya  n  cat  growling  at  each  other          lol               lots  love  mort  xxx

dsonney01 said...

My kitties love to give me their treasured micey as gifts! Thank goodness! We did have afew last winter until we caulked under the cabinets and fireplace. I also got some of those electronic sounds rodent repellants (ok for cat and bird ears-no complaints) and they seem to work wonders. You see I cannot let my babies out because we live in the mountains with predators! Swimming is so good for you! I wish I could have a pool available, but no such luck! Dannelle

lanurseprn said...

I recall as a little girl sitting with my cat when she caught a mouse. I sat by her and watched her eat the whole thing. It was fascinating to me as a kid....but now I'd throw up! LOL!
These kitties are really something , huh?

sugarsweet056 said...

I'd be afraid of her getting a mouse who had gotten poison.
Have a good wkend.

chat2missie said...

Gross!  My Merlin only plays with them for now.  I couldn't handle it if he ate one and I knew it. YUCK!

jeadie05 said...

Oh I hate mice  I would have died Jan xx

jjdolfin9 said...

I hate to tell you this, but he was honoring you by bringing his trophy home to show you what a good kitty he is.  What he expected from you was praise and bowing before  Poor baby.  Instead he gets whispered at.   BIG GRIN.
Hugs, Joyce

fasttrack58 said...

Oh but look how cute he is.....
Linda :)

rdautumnsage said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who tries to rescue the poor critters my cats catch. I've seen it all mice, moles, squirrels, birds. My one cat Foxy caught on all too soon. She would bite the heads off and bring me the bodies (apparently she is related to Ozzy Osborne)...I always wondered what she did with the heads,until recently...She left them in my garden for me. I know it sounds funny, to someone else it probably is, however I don't delight in reaching for a weed and finding myself with a beheaded head instead. (Hugs)Indigo

lv2trnscrb said...

what a cute cat!!! oh my with the mouse though!!! I bet the neighbors do like him if he's helping keep the mice out of their house! what a good hunter he is!

WTG for you swimming laps, Pam; a wonderful exercise for sure!! that was a shame though to ruin the hairstyle by the rain shower

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


shrbrisc said...

He is cute . I don't do mice.

frankandmary said...

Haaa tantalizing Mort, wish I'd thougtht of that!
He is great fun. ~Mary

dbdacoba said...

Joyce is right.  Your cute cat is seeking your approval for bringing in the wild and dangerous beasts of the forest. He's probably a little confused about your reluctance to praise him.  My dear departed William never bothered the birds.  He would sit and watch them.  He never brought home a dead anything, but I know he must have gone hunting successfully because he would sit in the back yard with a self-satisfied look on his face and occasionally burp.    DB

valphish said...

Oh, look at the sweet boy, my pam... my cats like to chase mice, too.  I get them about three times a year in my apartment.  I live in an old place that has a crumbling basement.  The mice com in somehow.  I am happy to have them caught.  They don't eat them, though.  I try to save the mice and put them out.  It is hard to get the mice away from the cats, I know.  Hope you are having a good weekend, my pam... Love, your val xox

cvgflydis said...


I'm assuming he didnt' bring it in the house, to chew on? Or at least I hope NOT!


wwfbison said...

Oh I hate when my cats do this.  They never go outdoors  but I've had them bring in (live) mice from the garage and drop them in the house just to play with, they are so cruel. So for a few days everyone is all worked up and obsessed with the dear creature until Doug or I manage to catch it and put it back out.  G looks so innocent sleeping...what a cutie!!

mleppard06 said...

hi, g is so cute! cats are cruel but it is the circle of life! I am lucky mine don't bring home anything, but my mum has a lot of little visitors, including birds! I once had a cat who caught a squirrel and ate the whole thing, i saw the tail going in....YUK!!LOL. take care mrs t xx

helmswondermom said...

Good story.  I have had a few cat and mouse adventures myself.

salemslot9 said...

one time, I let our
Lil Miss White Cat inside
not knowing she had a live mouse
she dropped it
managed to retrieve it
got her back out the door
with the mouse