Thursday, 12 June 2008

A Wee Worry Update.

Psst. Mort. That's 2 normal pics In a row! Shocking I know! lol.

Hello Everyone, I went to see the doctor this morning and came out feeling a lot more positive which is good! lol. My doctor Is such a nice man, He has all the time In the world for his patients and really cares. I am very lucky to have him. Anyway, He is referring me to see a Bowel specialist and hopefully we can get to the bottom (lol. mort..don't spill your tea at that pun!) of what's causing this flaming lump In my side. I got other results when I was there, that It wasn't this disease or that disease, which Is good! lol.
I am not looking forward to getting tubes down my throat or anywhere else for that matter!!! lol. Ohhh I am cringing, but I guess I will just have to be brave.

It Is a nuisance though and the sooner It gets sorted, the better!. I am waiting on a letter to come through for physiotherapy for my lower back aswell now which Is fab!. I have to go back next week and get blood tests done to check my thyroid level, I think It may still be a tad high as I am on the move constantly, (In my quest for the Supermodel figure! Ha!) and I am still carrying extra lard and still far too tired! Well. the old saying eh?..Rome wasn't built In a day! Hmmm. I am being very, very patient! lol. 

Being worried around mister man Is always a recipe for disaster... His theory...'Och, stop whinging', 'It will be a bit of my Toad-In-The-Hole that's got stuck!' lol. I do end up In stitches at the way he cheers me up. I think we are all mad In this house! All three of us and the 3 cats! I will freak about It all nearer the time and no doubt have A wee worry part 83! by the time I am finished If I haven't disintegrated by then. lol.

I was disappointed to learn that the swimming was cancelled last night as Brutal Bertha needed the night off! Hmm. Can she not see my lard? lol. Typical eh?, They all let me down last week so I braved It and went myself, this week the flippin teacher absconds! I give up! lol. Anyway I will love you and leave you now With the brilliant Amy Macdonald. Hope you are all well. Take Care, Back Soon. xx

 Mr. Rock And Roll 

So called Mr Rock And Roll
Is dancing on his own again
Talking on his phone again
To someone who tells him that his balance is low
He's got no where to go
He's on his own again

Rock chick of the century
Is acting like she used to be
Dancing like there's no one there
Before she ever seemed to care
Now she wouldn't dare
It's so rock and roll to be alone

And they'll meet one day
Far away
And say "I wish I was something more"
And they'll meet one day
Far away
And say " I wish I knew you, I wish I knew you before"

Mrs Black and White
She's never seen a shade of grey
Always something on her mind
Every single day
But now she's lost her way
And where does she go from here

Mr Multicultural
Sees all that one can see
He's living proof of someone
Very different to me
But now he wants to be free
Free so he can see

And they'll meet one day
Far away
And say "I wish I was something more"
And they'll meet one day
Far away
And say "I wish I knew you, I wish I knew you before"

He'll say "I wish I knew you, I wish I met you
When time was still on my side"
She'll say " I wish I knew you, I wish I loved you
Before I was his bride"

And so they must depart
Too many more are broken hearts
But I've seen that all before
In TV, books and film and more
And there's a happy ending
Every single day

And they'll meet one day
Far away
And say "I wish I was something more"
And they'll meet one day
Far away
And say "I wish I knew you, I wish I knew you before"




shrbrisc said...

I am keeping you in my prayers and I hope all turns out well as for the family don't cha love stresss lol have a great worry free day if possible

valphish said...

hi my sweets =)!!  I will keep you in my prayers concerning your health.  Oh, those darn health problems as we are getting older.  Hmmph!   I think that I will figure out some type of exercise to get rid of my extra lard, too.  You are inspiring me.  I am very proud of you!  I hope you have a good rest of the week, my pam!  Love, your val xox

specialadyfink said...

Hope all turns out well.I love your puns


sugarsweet056 said...

Glad you saw the Dr & getting referrals. {{}} Hope all goes well.

chat2missie said...

I hope the tests come out well and they find nothing serious!  Have good day.

shrbrisc said...

You have been tagged for a award in my journal please check in and play along

cayasm said...

Glad to read things are moving along with your doctor(makes such a difference when you get one that cares) good luck with the physio, know how back pain feels, thankfully you have a good support network around you, which must help you a great deal. Maybe Brutal Bertha pulled

Take care


jeadie05 said...

Iam so pleased you have a Doctor who spends time listening to you ,I am lucky  my Docter cares too ,and pleased you are getting sorted,so plerased your man keeps you laughing it does help ,a chuckle now and again ,even if you are screaming inside .keep strong dear Jan xx

carouselqueen70 said...

Dont worry about the test with the tube down your throat. You wont remember anything I promise. I had it done. The scariest part is waiting to get it done. It's not that bad. I hope everything turns out ok., Christine

labdancer51 said...

I hope the tests go smoothly for you, at least you have a very caring doctor, it makes all the difference when you don`t feel your best. I love Amy MacDonald too, her album is brilliant. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

jjdolfin9 said...

Not to worry Pam...they put you to sleep for those scopes (whichever end).  Nothing to fear but fear itself girlfriend.  Good luck with all of it.
Hugs, Joyce

ma24179 said...

I hope everything turns out well with the tests. I would tell you not to worry but I am a worry wart myself. I wish you the best and you're in my thoughts. ((((BIG HUGS))) -Missy

jmoqueen said...

I downloaded Amy's album t'other day but I've not heard it yet lol........Awww Pammels glad it's not this disease or that disease xx  Brilliant to know that hubby is making you laugh and keeping your spirits up :o)  Give him a high five from me xxx


mortonlake said...

you never said  you were ill           did i miss it??   well    i read  your comments  pam         and  they  all lie.  had  camera  down throat       the  pain    i  screamed          oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo       ya  sweatin yet??   teach you  not  to have a nice  tag       lol.   ok  the truth        i have had  4  ensoscopys done,i have a hiatus  hernia they  keeping eye on.  you  get 2 choices     either  be anaesthatised         and  have to wait  at  least hour  after you come round before  leaving             then  24 hours  feeling  crap         or  the macho  option.   and  its the one i always  have,(  true.)   they spray your throat with a ssray  that  tastes of the smell of roting bananas,  lol             you  swallow         and  camera  is passed  down throat            yes  you gag,  its  not nice,  but  at  my local hosp.  EVERY   nurse and doctor on endoscopy  has to have it done  every 6 months            to remind them what  we go through         and  they are  lovely.   it dont  hurt   after  hour  you can  eat   n drink as  normal        take care  lots  love  mort.xxxx   mail me  for all the  really  gory  details             lol  

lv2trnscrb said...

hope you can get all your testing done soon, Pam; I know I would be worried too, but if they got done quickly (as uncomfortable as they might be) at least you would have an answer sooner than later, right? so I hope you won't have to wait a long time for them to be done

I tend to be a worrier; I'd be obsessing about it and talking about it all the time; I'm sure my "mister" would say the same thing after a bit, but so glad he has a way to make you smile and laugh :)

I liked that song you highlighted; hadn't heard it before; very wise words written

take care of yourself


garnett109 said...

What a great video, hope all is well with you.

lattedah711 said...

Cute video.  I hope you will be OK.  That sucks not knowing, but Mister Man is keepin the smile on your face so you wont worry too much.  :)

cvgflydis said...

I'm glad things aren't so bad......but that sounds difficult, with tubes down your throat. And GOOD for you, for winging swimming on your own. That's the motivation I need!
Keep us posted on what's going on! Thank God for the men in our lives that have a completely distorted sense of humor!


preciousone25 said...

Cute video, good song!!  I hope everything goes well, make sure you let us know!!


wwfbison said...

I'm happy to hear your spirits are higher after seeing your doctor and even happier that you like him so much (that really helps).  I know going through the diagnostics is unpleasant but it is a necessary evil and you will be just fine throughout.  Please keep us posted and I am Praying all goes well for you.  Too bad your swimming was cancelled, I know how much you love that!!!