Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wee Treasure has Crutches

Hello everyone,

After checking my wee treasure's ankle on Monday, I decided to take her to the Accident and Emergency department of our local hospital to get it checked out further and thankfully it is not broken, only very badly sprained. It was very fast from beginning to end which was brilliant. I had to get a taxi both ways which proved rather costly! luckily I had put some Christmas money aside which was good,

They gave her crutches after putting on a bandage and sent us on our way. I had a wee sleep when we got home, think it helped. I had parents evening at the school last night. Mister man and I arrived on the motorbike which turned a few heads! It didn't help that he was whizzing around in all the nooks and crannies of the playground reliving his youth as he "could get away with it now!" lol. Boys will be boys. I gave him a rather dirty look when I got off the back and after stifling giggles we went in to the main hall.

There was a noticeboard on the wall with all the seating arrangements for the teachers which we were to study and find our way from, and I was then instantly happy I wasn't trying to find my way myself! I could see devilment in mister mans eyes when we sat down as he said he had an idea and scuttled off, only to return with the 2 sheets of paper off the main board!!! I shook my head as I listened to him saying "This will make it much easier to find these teachers!" lol. I bet it would! Shame for everyone else tho!

We had 6 to get through and all were positive apart from English which almost had us falling off our seats. The teacher said she couldn't see our wee treasure doing her Foundation exam which is the main one for all. Thankfully she went on to say she wanted her to go for credit, which is the highest! Wow! One very proud mama I can tell you and her dad was speechless. We were really impressed. Clever girl. We exchanged the old verbal war of words......"she takes after,no she takes after me"! lol. It doesn't matter to us what path she chooses in life, we will be right behind her every step of the way. Take Care, Back Soon. xx


mortonlake said...

bless her. glad she takes after one of you lolol. hope she soon better pam take care love mort xxx

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you made the conference event fun. Did anyone get lost :o)

Yasmin said...

Sorry to here of wee treasure ankle but glad to hear she was doing so well at school even if her dad did try to re visit her

Take care


a corgi said...

wonderful for wee treasure's great remote at school!!! good for her!! (I think she takes after her mom :)

I always enjoyed 'back to school' night which is what they call it at the schools my kids went to; I always liked meeting their teachers and finding out what they were learning; but I never got to go there in style like you and your man did! I bet you did turn a few heads and I bet a few were jealous they weren't delivered there in such a fashion :)

sorry about your wee one's ankle; hoping she makes a fast recovery and is back to normal soon without those crutches!


Missie said...

I'm glad the wee on has only a sprain and nothing more serious, however, I have heard from people that sprains of the ankle are more painful then breaks.

Jeanie said...

Dear Pam,
I hope 'your little sausage' is feeling better now. I loved the description of your ride to the school. Woohoo! I would have loved that experience.
Well done 'sausage' for her achievements in English. Genes will out! Lol!
Jeanie xxxx

Lucy said...

Pam you sound like you are a whirlwind. So full of life. Glad the wee one had only a sprain but sprains can be very painful. Lucy
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Lisa said...

Awww...poor little wee one on crutches!! I hope her ankle heals quickly and she is back on her own feet soon. I didn't do well when I was on crutches, I was always falling..LOL. Congrats on winning the weekly sentence again - I told you before how good you are at this!!