Monday, 19 May 2008

On A Mission.

Thanks D for the great tag.

P.S. Mort....There Is an entry under this pic! lol. ;-)

Hello Everyone, I am still job searching. Hopefully something will come through for me soon. I had to laugh last week. I honestly pictured someone up above, having a rather long and hearty laugh at my expense! lol. I decided on tackling the garden with having so much time on my hands, so I got ready,
Slapped on all the gardening attire and started hauling out the tools, Rake, Hoe, lawnmower and strimmer. I was raring to go, plugged In the lawnmower and this almighty high pitched screeching noise almost made the birds fall out the tree's! lol.

So, that was that. The lawnmower was no more! Hmmm. I attempted to strim but gave up, as the strimmer Is In fact very small and more like an edger! and not designed to tackle a garden my size. After 5 mins It felt as though I had been clinging on to a numatic drill! lol. Tools away. Inside the house needed doing anyway, I had just been avoiding It like the plague!, so I had a cup of tea to soothe the anger, then after dusting, decided to tackle the hoovering. Moments later... The Hoover blew up! lol. I can laugh now!!!. Okay the lawnmower was bad enough but now the hoover!. Amazingly enough, I stayed calm. These things are sent to try us, better to laugh It off and move on. 

I Borrowed my neighbour's hoover and after asking my friend to borrow a mower or bigger strimmer, was told that her man would come and do my garden free of charge! How kind. I got the house looking good, then tidied up the weeds and raked up all the cut grass. I have been walking loads aswell. I need to stay positive and use my time to try my best to shift this excess lard! lol. To date, I have lost a stone and a half. 21 pounds sounds more! lol.

Ive decided with all this walking, I need a new back and legs! lol, so If any of you happen to see any nice, shapely pins at your local sale or a nice tanned back, In perfect working order, please give me a shout! ;-) Take Care Back Soon. xx   


mortonlake said...

entry  after  pic??   oh  ok        read it  sometime    hmmm   right.  just  let  me  sit  quietly   ok??    feeling  quite faint.        lolol.     so  im not only  one  who  has stuff blow  up??   hoover  and mower?    obviously  lack of use  caused  them  to seize  up           spiders   webs.   lol        21  lbs?  thass   10  bags  of  sugar  pam     next   time you in supermarket  (  waitrose  for someone  like  your good self  i am sure !!)  load  10 bags of sugar in a basket  and carry it round  with you        bloody  heavy.          so  well done  you,   cant  help  with  legs,  need  new ones  myself.         now        thats  over  with         let  me  get  back  to  that  pic.    sigh         lol    take  care  pam        lots  of  love  mort  xxxxxxxxx

astoriasand said...

He-He you are funny.I hope you can sit and relax now in your lovely neat garden LOL!! As for the pins and the back.Iv'e been shopping this morning, but no go!!! nothing in that line ON SALE Sorry. he-He.Have a great day Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

jeadie05 said...

If Isee a back you can rest assurd Iwill get it or me ,the legs you can have though ,Ihurt my back over a week ago ,and am still struggling around on a walking stick ,in agony Jan xx

cvgflydis said...

Good grief! All those things in one day? I woulda been mad enough to say the hell with ALL of it! LOL

Hope you are well and keeping my eyes peeled for a new pair of pins.....


lv2trnscrb said...

that is awesome weight loss, Pam; what is your secret to do so? I'm trying to get back on track once again with dropping a few pesky pounds

that was amazing to have the mower and vacuum explode the same day; so glad though about your attitude towards them and the help and kindess of your friend and her hubby to help you with the lawn care

I know you will find the right job very soon!


lanurseprn said...

OMG what luck you were having with your equipment!! I would have given up! Good for you that you didn't!
Congrats on the weight loss! That's a LOT! Go get a 21lb watermelon and see how heavy it is!
Good for you keeping so busy on your off time. You're better than I am. I tend to just be a couch potatoe on my days off. LOL!

valphish said...

I always wondered what a stone was.  Yes, 21 pounds sounds better!  Good for you!  Yay, my pam!!  My vacuum died recently, too.  Yes, these things just try us.  How nice of your neighbor to work for free.  You remain in my prayers to find the "right" job for you!!  I love your positive attitude and I love you, dear!  your val xox

dsonney01 said...

There are days like this! I have had my share and sure there will be more- but mission was accomplished, right? Good job on the weight- I hope you were trying to lose- I have lost about  36 pounds since late January- Depression over job and holidays had really gotten to me but I'm great now- still no money but I laugh a lot! Dannelle

jjdolfin9 said...

Loving your attitude Pam.  I especially love that a vaccuum is always a hoover and a weed eater is a strimmer.  Always learning something new from the other side of the pond.  I almost choked when I read from Mort that gas (petrol) is $11.00 a gallon over there.  OMG!  How in the world do you folks deal with that?
Anyway, I'm rambling...have a good week.
Hugs, Joyce

carouselqueen70 said...

I am glad that you were able to go out and garden. I like to garden too but here in the Pa mountains it is stilll 30 degrees at time. We cant really garden until June. I am looking forward to planting my sunflower seeds. I have been doing alot of walking too. I have to walk my dog three times a day or he is way too hyper!! Well have a nice week. Stay safe!!!!, Christine

chat2missie said...

Your mower and hoover die on the same day!  How dreadful.  At least you were calm about it.  LOL

wwfbison said...

The power equipment in your home will be hiding when they hear you say you are going to put them to use!!  Seems when one thing breaks another is sure to follow..usually immediately.  I'll keep my eye open for those legs & a back ;)

bojgill4375 said...

Thank you for your kind words on my journal. Wow! Sounds like you have a wonderful neighbor. :-) Wishing you a great week with lots of blessings. Janie

jmoqueen said...

Good luck with the job hunt hun xx  They would be mad not to employ you xx  You could always come and work in my office :o)  We need someone else on our team LOL...........I'm glad you laughed at the lawnmower and hoover I would've gone crazy lol


cayasm said...

LOL Pam It's a pity you couldn't get someone to do the house work for free as well now that would be a bonus, well done on the walking and weightloss thats really good. I'm in the market for someone that has a whole new body for aged about 21 and 1 owner and in mint condition!
Good luck with the job hunting, something wil turn up

Big Hugs


andrewfrnd said...

Blimey girl-you should come with a health warning!

Andy xx

rdautumnsage said...

Perhaps all the mechanical rogues are deciding to commit suicide all over the world. Our lawnmower was done in last month, a couple of weeks ago the vacumn left a fine layer of dust and dirt on everything before deciding it was done. The lawnmower thankfully was fixable, the vacumn well...that was replaced to the tune of $150. It's a Hoover however perhaps this will outlast the last one. As for gardening...ugh the weather here in NY is not having any of it with the rain and cold. It would seem we are both on parallel paths these days dear friend. Now if you told me you went to a wedding from Hicks ville Hell...I would seriously think we were twins. (Hugs) Indigo

acoward15 said...

Sometimes i'm grateful I no longer have a garden.