Friday, 23 April 2010

Last Of The Hard Hat Divers by Bob Sinclair

Hello Everyone. I hope you are all well. I have been recuperating at home and I am almost back to my old self... Pain Free! It has been such a long time and I am so grateful that the Operation was a success. I have put my horrible hospital experience behind me now and I am hoping to get back to work very soon which will be great. It will be 12 weeks In total that I will have been off for!!! To say I have been going a bit stir crazy is a bit of an understatement!! lol.

I can Imagine that there will be a few of you reading the title of my entry and wondering what on earth I am on about. Well this is the bit that makes me smile and forget all the bad stuff. The title is the name of a Book called "Last Of The Hard Hat Divers" written by none other than.....wait for it.... My Dad!!!. At the Grand old age of 79!!!, he now has his book on Amazon for sale from the 1st of June. I am so Proud of him, as are all of us In my family. The book Is about my dads' experiences' as a Deep Sea Diver and the stories are brilliant. After hearing him tell me a few of them one morning In his kitchen, I told him to go for It and write them down and to my absolute delight. He truly did! lol. The Picture on the front of the book Is my dad (The one on the right Grinning like a cheshire cat!! lol) and his friend Martin.

Some bits are so funny they leave you In stitches while others are much more serious where It Is like he Is In a Real life C.S.I. with him having to dive Into deep waters to recover bodies!!. I will be spending an awful lot of time doing my very best to leave links on diving pages etc. and I will do my very best to promote his book. I thought It was quite unique having a dad that used to be a deep sea diver! but now I think It's astounding that I have a dad that now has his own book for sale! Way to go Dad.

If anyone Is Interested or knows of anyone that would be Interested In this Book, Please help by using/forwarding this link. Last Of The Hard Hat Divers Any help to promote this book In any way will be greatly appreciated by myself and of course my dad! lol. ...........Right, I must fly, Need to make my This Man famous!!!! Take Care, Back Soon, Love Pam. xx


mortonlake said...

glad you recovered love.i wish dad every success for his take care pam,love mort xx

Lisa said...

AWESOME for your dad to have his stories published. I would be bursting with pride too. I would love to read his book as I am fascinated by diving. I'm so happy you are pain free, that must be a wonderful feeling for you and I'm pleased to hear you've put the ugly experience behind you. It's great to see a post from you.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad all is going well.