Friday, 8 January 2010

I Got My Date!

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year! Hope you are all well. I got my date through for my operation. I go In to Hospital on the 2nd of February to the Admissions ward and get several tests done then get the op on the 3rd. On recieving the letter I phoned them to let them know I would be available on that date and then I asked the lady some questions about It all. I thought I would be In maybe overnight or even out the same day but I was told I will be in for a few days. I have to go to my nearest city hospital to get this procedure done and while this is a good hospital, It means I will be left on my own as It Is almost Impossible for people to park there so I will just have to be exceptionally brave.

I have been utterly petrified at the thought of this op, especially the anaesthetic, but I so desperately need to be able to stop this constant pain In my arm. I have had almost all of my time taken time taken up with this awful weather. As A Support Worker I have to walk In my job anyway so no time off for me! In fact with all the clearing of paths and shopping lists for the elderly neighbours around me, I have been totally shattered! It made me feel good to know I could help a little and make a difference. I will post again when I am able. Please keep me In your prayers. Take Care, Back Soon. Love Pam. xx


Andy said...

I am sure everything will be OK,in fact I just know that it will be. After all I have had plenty of experiance of hospitals in the last year!
You may well be alone but be assured that I will be thinking of you. One thing about being in hospital though is that you get to talk to people who you would never meet otherwise and there might even be a dishy doctor or two!!
Andy xxx

mortonlake said...

oh pam. we both in just hope you get relief after for anaesthetic,i can assure you when the anaestharist says now count backwards from 10 for me pam you may get to 6 lol.then next thing you know a naked male nurse is catering to your every whim and............youre are in my thoughts,ive missed you my friend.take care,dont worry,love mort.xxxxx

Lori said...

Pam, it's so good to see an entry from you. I am sure your surgery will go well, and then you won't have to suffer with that pain any longer. Please take care!

Lisa said...

I will keep you in my Prayers. I know you will come through with flying colors, I just wish you didn't have to go it alone. Please try to calm yourself (easy to say for me, I know) so you don't get too stressed before your surgery. Keeping you in my thoughts.

That corgi :) said...

((((Pam)))) I can understand how you feel; I've never had surgery and the thoughts you shared I have thought myself should I ever have to have surgery

I'm sure you will come out of this with flying colors and do so well and feel so much better

I will say a prayer for you


ADB said...

Nothing wrong with being apprehensive about surgery, Pam. Hope it will bring the benefits you are anticipating.

Yasmin said...

Wishing you well for sugery, all will be fine,fingers crossed for you.

Love Yasmin


Barbara said...

God bless you and be with. May this surgery be without complication and lead to a pain free active life again for you.

Valerie said...

You remain in my prayers, my dearest pam... I am thinking about you today =)! I love you! Val xox

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you are back home and being pampered.