Thursday, 30 October 2008

Cutting It Fine! Lol.

Hello everyone,

I am so sorry for being away for so long. I have had some carry on, but I've made It back in time for one last entry in my journal. I have missed  you all so much. Please email me all the places that your new journals will be at. Can't believe we are losing this. It was my fav place to go. We should all find a mutual meeting place and catch up with one another.

I have thought about you all since being away and my fav other man Morton has kept me up to date. Mort you are a star, Thank You. xx.  I have settled in to my new job as a Home Care Attendant now and I love It. I have quite a few characters to go to as you can well Imagine!! lol. I have been helping out in the local nursing home aswell, which has been brilliant. I did that job 20 years ago, Gosh where does the time go eh? lol.

On the downside of being away I almost lost my mum and I was terrified. I am so pleased to say she Is absolutely fine now and I am keeping a close eye on her. My dad Is fine too. I spent the weekend there with my wee treasure singing along to the Singstar game. I reckon I am not too bad but my wee lambchop puts me to shame!! lol. I get a score of 7 or 8 thousand but madam gets 9 thousand! Hmmmm she ges It from me you know! lol.

G, Oscar and purdie are all fine. G decided to take a mad turn at 6.35am and launch himself on lamchops bed! I had a good laugh In the kitchen making my cuppa listening to the squeals!! lol Oh I'm bad!  I just ate soft fudge sweets that were erm... yukky!  Need to remember to stock up on the choc! lol. Weight wise things have been rather successful. I was a size 22 in clothes and now I am pleased to say I am buying new jeans in the next couple of weeks........Drum Roll ... size 14.  Yay! Walking folks, thats the secret, walking. I could have cried In the beginning In fact I did cry, and pant n puff, and curse! lol but I persisted. ;-)

Right I think It's time for me to sign off now as I've been waffling for a while. Great to be back folks. I won't say goodbye, just farewell till our paths cross again soon.Take Care, Love Pam xx


chillininjville said...

You can reach me here  


dsonney01 said...
or even better the new one (note the name lol)
Have really missed you- hurry now and rejoin the group! Love and hugs, Dannelle

cayasm said...

WOO HOO, I did ask Mort if you were ok, are you going to try to transfer your journal? anyway we have all moved over to Blogger.

here's my new link:

from a 22 to a 14  amazing well done you, I've lost some but not as much as that, I'll have to get walking now.

Hope to see you on Blogger soon

Take care


jmoqueen said...

Yay Pammie is still here :o)  Thought we'd lost you.............was crying the whole time I was xx  Anyway here's my new journal link please come and read it xx

Love ya

Jenners x

salemslot9 said...

I remember you
commented on my journal
when we lost our dear
Lil Miss White Cat

mortonlake said...

its my pam. yayyyy. you made it hun.i was going to txt you.  i can now be found at         drum roll please   my old entries   everything  is on there           also i started one   caring n sharing    same url  just n instead of and.   that has a couple of entries      and   a lot of the old gang,yasmin and jenny amongst them   are on facebook      and we have a group           not wanted on voyage.   add me as a friend  on facebook if  you want.          awww  pam its  great  you back.   magic smoke  has the link  to get  your journal transferred  to blogspot        if you  need a link to get started  let me know.    take care hun  speak soon,lots love  mort.xxxx         very well done about  weight    xx

andrewfrnd said...

Welcome back! I have missed you. My new home is
Hope to see you there soon

astoriasand said...

Hi Pam thanx for the e. mail update.Soryy I havn't been around either with breaks in my life  for one thing or another of late etc. We are finding this very hard losing people we have met in j/land.Some over there now and others not.One has to try find everyone themselves after making a new blog.Blog is a word we do not like so I am still saying Journal.Prayers for you and yours always I am away againf for another week as from tomorrow but I shall try find you when I get back.Until then prayers for you and yours always .Here is my new URL to my new blog (journal) on the other side so to speak.Take Care God Bless Kath MOTHERHEN he-he Hers the URL.below.

pamal3 said...

Thank you all so much for your kind comments. I am still having so much trouble staying online. Grrr! lol. I have been trying to save my journal for hours. If I don't manage It then I will have to just start over. I will get round to read all yours as soon as I can. Catch you all very soon. Love Pam xx

mortonlake said...

ok im now following you. see my ugly mug ?? tc hun xx mort

Lucy said...

I see you have Morts comment right above mone. I hace a hard time finding him sometimes. He disappears for a day or so. But like a bad pemnny he always returns. lol So glad you moved over. Hope you will like your new home.

Lucy said...

I hope you are getting more settlerd in your new home. Don't forget the