Sunday, 6 April 2008

My Eco-Warrior Daughter

Hello Everyone.

I have had a very relaxing weekend. Woke up this morning to see heavy snow falling! It has almost all gone now. The sun Is streaming through the window and is most welcome. I stopped by a journal belonging to Michael  and left a comment about my "wee treasure" writing a poem for a school project, in the form of a journalist writing in a paper, to encourage people to act upon Global Warming.  I was pleased that she was more than happy to share this with everyone. Her words: "We need to take action now and help out as much as we can."

I have to admit that she drives me daft switching off lights and nagging at both me and her dad to change our ways. I sometimes get plunged Into darkness then hear the voice saying "You don't need the light and the lamp on at the same time"! lol. I put my hand up, I was one of the many people who turned a blind eye and thought that one person can't change what's happened, but I know better now. We Can make a difference and, thanks to my clever girl for being so determined and strong willed, I do sit up and take notice. We started recycling a while back and when I'm shopping, I look out for recycled items.  It makes me feel pleased to be a small part In helping to halt the damage. I am so proud and privilledged to now leave you with this lovely poem.

Take Care, Back Soon. xx    

It's not fake, It's real
what's happening around us,
so deep that we can't feel.
but that's not It,
It gets worse.
Not only will earth die,
but who lives on earth?
You and I.

But what If we done something,
like save ourselves?
but that's the point,
No-one can be bothered.
so I say let's make them be bothered,
and make them understand.
then earth can finally be,
best friends with man.


jeadie05 said...

She is lovely ....and clever .....and wise Jan xx

cayasm said...

Your wee treasure is very pretty, and she's right about global warming I do try. it's just getting used to it..well done to her and a great poem.

Take care


jeanno43 said...

Wonderful poem!!! She is right.  I have now started doing my bit, only having one light on and not one and a lamp, turning the t.v. off unless either of us is watching it etc. etc.  If we all do our bit, it will all help.

breakaway1968 said...

WOW taht is an amazing poem!  Yes, she is so right and I know I for one will do better with recycling AND turning off lights we don't need on!  LOOK She already did good!!!  

lanurseprn said...

Years ago our town started encouraging us to recycle. We have a special container to put all of our recycleables into and they pick it up on trash day. They sent us a list of stuff that is acceptable and I have it posted to the wall. This really made me aware of EVERYTHING I  put in the trash. So now we have two trash containers in our home. One is trash, and one for recycling.  I can only hope that it's made a difference.
Love the poem!!

jjdolfin9 said...

WOW...she nailed it didn't she.  Very nice and inspiring for such a young person.
Hugs, Joyce

jmoqueen said...

I'm glad your daughter is going round turning lights off mates the worst for doing that it is so annoying, then she comes to mine and does it and I can't afford the electric let alone saving the planet LOL..........Great poem though :o)


chillininjville said...

Hi Pam!!! I'm Angela, from the journal Dazzling Designs! You left your journal link for me to stop by and visit. Thanks for visiting my journal and hope to see you as a regular at my graphics journal!!!

I LOVE the poem and good that your daughter goes around turning off lights and kids (3 boys) are bad about that and my husband goes around saying that he is going to charge them .25 cents for everytime they leave a light on....LOL

It's funny cause they go around now and my middle son will run around and get the lights if he hears his Dad come in and he is like WHEW, I just saved us .75 cents....LOL


sunnybethe said...

HI ya Pam..well I finally got to your journal hun.  And glad I did your dte's poem it stunning.  Thank you,  Bethe

lv2trnscrb said...

that is a beautiful poem from your wee one, Pam!! I know you are so proud of her for her efforts in helping the earth!


mleppard06 said...

beautiful poem, a talented young lady. It's me that switches things off in my house, i managed to cut our electric bill considerably by switching off lights and washing at 30 ! glad the youngsters are taking note of global warming it's their future! take care mrs t xx

cvgflydis said...

Great poem! My husband threatens to put a timer on the showers. Seems my kids like to stand in there, singing, whatever it IS they do.......warm shower for 5 minutes, then the timer will turn it into  an artic blast. Of course, he hasn't added the timer.....and I'm the one taking the artic blast shower, most days~
It's wonderful that your daughter is concerned. More should follow suit. Is that her in the photo, or you?


wwfbison said...

Wonderful poem and it warms my heart and gives me some hope for the future that there are those young ones who do take notice to the environmental needs of our battered world.  How wonderful, you should be very, very proud to have such a conscience daughter....while you are sitting in a dark room ;)

cayasm said...

you've been tagged by me


sunnybethe said...

Hehee...I tagged you, too!!

See my entry~>

hugs,  Bethe : )

mortonlake said...

hi my favourite ickle jland friend            your daughter's poem was lovely.  thats a talented,caring,lovely girl  you have there.     wonder who she gets it from??      must  be her  dad.       he,he,he.    take care pam,hope you feeling ok,lots of love     mort  xxxxxx        

andrewfrnd said...

Talent will always shine through and Wee Reasures talent certainly shines.

Andy xx

rdautumnsage said...

Wonderful poem! I'm delighted this future generation is sitting up and taking notice. The other day while shopping with my daughter, I mentioned I needed new pillows for my bed. She pointed out a eco brand that uses recycled plastic to make the filling for pillows. She said she brought them for herself and it helps the environment. I was delighted and yes, I did buy them. (Hugs) Indigo

bhbner2him said...

REally surprising sometimes what our children can teach us!  -  Barbara

helmswondermom said...

Great poem!  You have a very special "Wee Treasure" there!  I'm so glad you had a relaxing weekend, but I hope your snow is all gone now.

You've been tagged!


luddie343 said...

Absolutely true, and so well-put.  It's easy to forget we only have this one home, that's when things get out of hand, and we have to DO something!  You can be very proud and you ARE privileged to have such an aware daughter.  CATHY

penlady708 said...

Excellent verse, and so true!!!
I enjoyed your poetic views,
Thanks for the comment,
so nice to see,
& much appreciated by me!!!

will stop by again,

mhogue3909 said...

Great photo, even better poem -- and you BOTH are so right!  Every ONE of us has contributed to pollution and global warming -- even through our slightest actions it seems sometimes -- and it is ONLY through the efforts of EVERY ONE OF US that the process can be slowed.  (The chance to 'reverse' the process was lost a generation or two or a dozen ago.)

I'm so glad to see this "Eco-Warrior" of yours taking proactive actions and can only hope that more and more people will take her seriously and then begin to address the issues of pollution and global warming with the knowledge that it's too late to STOP global warming -- but we CAN help the animals and plant life to ADJUST to the effects -- and I hope that everyone chips in to help save our world from a very hot and nasty end.

Mike, over at Greenspaces and the Little Green Acre @2008
& Greenspaces Photo Gallery

ladybruin28 said...

Thanks for visiting me. I enjoyed reading this. Have a wonderful weekend.

buckoclown said...

Nice entry (I found you via blogplugs).  Thanks for doing your part to help :o)

luvrte66 said...

This is a wonderful entry, and I think it's great to see young people making a difference. Your daughter is absolutely right, and as we all start make better choices, I believe we can ALL make a difference.


mtrib2 said...

Thanks for visiting my journal and your encouragement toward recovery from my recent back surgery.     I am doing fine after a rough start this morning probably because of the weather change to cold and rainey/snow(predicted) here in S. Illinois.   I can only lift up to 8 lbs. while putting wood in my woodburner and must bend from the hips and not the waist.    One tip about global warming which I am very interested in seeing progress made, is that during the cold months' when heat is being added, shutting off lights is not as necessary since they are an additional form of heat.    I have replaced my lightbulbs with 13 to 23 watt replacement flourescent type.   The contant turning them on and off shorten's the life span.   They also contain mercury which must be addressed when disposing of them.  LED lights are more efficient and will be the next safer alternative.  Computer's are responsible for a large increase in power consumption also and many people leave their's on constantly.   Some have told me the vendor or their computer even recommended it.    We need to concentrate on the 'big picture' when it comes to global warming.    mark

shauntanner said...

Hi Pam ... thanks for dropping by ... a career in advertising awaits !

ma24179 said...

In case you didn't receive my e-mail, I just wanted to let you know that you were added to my private journal. Please reset your alerts. (((HUGS)))- Missy

ceilisundancer said...

I'm one of those who turns lights off in an empty room, even at WORK!  Or remind people that they just threw out a recycable container (hey, I had to work to get those containers IN here).

Good for your daughter!  Every bit saved is, well, a bit not wasted.  Besides, it saves money, too, eh?

acoward15 said...

It's nice to hear of people cleaning up their acts. Every little helps.